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B is like the new A for something that makes D, promising

بِسْــــــــــــــــــــــمِ اﷲِارَّحْمَنِ ارَّحِيم

alhamdulillah alhamdulillah alhamdulillah :)

thank you ALLAH for the day.
today, i couldn't stop smiling in class. actually, since wednesday, after the geology exam.
sebab ape? sbb ekjem cucahh. dlm baik, lawak, lemah lembut prof, tiba2 singa dia muncul dlm dlm jelmaan exam yang mengancam. commmmmmel lah prof buat surprise. imagine for a short answer type of exam question, we were all started off with a critical thinking question. bila dah habis exam tu, saya tanya dgn kawan saya Edward yg selalu dgn bannganya ponteng kelas, dia ckp "You thought it was hard? Hm, I actually thought that it was the easiest test he has given us out of all of them". lagi laa saya nak senyum.
lepas tu pulak, harini jumaat, ada quiz geol. lepas exam, quiz, standard lah tu.
yg tak berapa nak standardnya adalah kalau sebelum ni quiz dipaparkan berupa soalan objective, harini, kami kene define maksud seuatu term yang tak terurai pon dlm artikel yg kami kene baca. wuaaah..macam petikan dari soalan exam untuk final nnt :)
untuk jawab quiz ni, kami kene baca sebuah geol artikel dan kali ni, topicnye on Groundwater Hydrology: Coastal Flow. sangggat menarik! saya ingat seminggu lalu saya baca artikel ni. dua page sahaja. tak banyak. tp saya ended up underline banyaak line. harini, sbelum ke kelas, saya baca dan semak semula artikel tu dan sedar2, makin bertambah pulak underlinenye, plus, bulatan2 kecil dan tanda soal disana sini. kelakar laah.

dlm kelas, mula2 prof tanya "so, does anybody have a question on the article?" yang lagi kelakar adalah first of all, saya bersyukur sbb saya duduk yg paaling hadapan dlm dewan kelas. second of all, adalah bila  saye yg pertama, terakhir dan the only one yg bertanya. 4 soalan sekali gus. ..dan saya dgn blurnya ckp, "em yeeeeah. could you please go through it all?"
to summarize, bila prof explain, basically the paper is trying to say that "as the sea level rises, there would be more salt water intrusion as Florida is exposed to the Gulf stream and Atlantic ocean."
i was like (*_*), yeah..that, i understand. just the paper doesn't say it so directly.
prof dgn muka (^^,) scientists like to show off a bit using big terms.
as we all do, of course.
tp itu bukan part kelakarnya.
part kelakarnya adalah bila prof put saya on the spot tanya "Do you have any other question?
You seem to have a lot of underlines there."
wuuuaah prof ni. terima kasih for the undivided attention kat saya ^__________^
sebab tu lah prof ni feveret saya.

the maturity of a river can be observed by looking at its meander. 
saya tersenyum sebab...saya teringat suatu incident dimana, saya tak pernah rasa saaaaaaaangat gembira bila dapat B. saya penah complain kat diri sendiri "awatt la semua subject yg aku suka dpt B?"
(taklah literally semua. tapi mungkin kebanyakkan juga, with a few exceptions.
oke fine, saya suka semmua subjek. tapi yang particularly suka suka. ehh tatau lah nk ckp cammana lg dah)
mungkin saya suka subjek2 tertentu ni sbb cara penyampaian prof, topik2 yang menarik, discussion yang challenging. so, ok dapat B. but far from being frust menonggeng, i have never felt getting Bs would be soooooooo rewarding that it's almost a relief.
yep, you heard me. B is like the new A for something that makes D, promising.
faham tak?
that means, quality of B tu, sama dengan quality A++ in effort.which apparently is enough for us and Allah becasue HE KNOWS! seriously now, what do we have to depend on other than our best effort and Allah who makes it an A in exam grade? how many of you can resonate with me that sometimes, the class that we got a B (or less) for, is the class that we spent most of our time on? We're lucky to not get a C or fail.
the truth is, tak semua org genius. ada orang dan most of orang genius dalam berkerja keras dan siapkan kerja on time with the best effort possible. tapi bila dunia demand for an A nothing but an A as in Perfection, we find ourselves suffocating. 
haih lelahhh nak keep up dengan dunia.
inhaler 10 tong pon tak cukup.

saya tersenyum sebab....bila kecik2 dulu >80%=A tapi bila dah becha sket >90%=A, which makes B is just another letter of the alphabet.  number that comes with it tuuu (aka CGPA) yang buat dia tak beberapa best walaupun B=Best manakala A=Average (sila amek yg jernih, buang yang keruh). ni belum tgk kerenah cegu  dlm the marking paper - "Just because you don't understand it, doesn't mean it's wrong" (aka my own crazy writing).

saya tersenyum sebab...at the end, we have no place to run (aik?). dlm geology, i learn about the Earth dan keadaan persekiran dunia. baik florida, california, gaza strip, malaysia, mount vesuvius, kat sebelah traffic light depan rumah agong or mana2 la, kita takkan safe.

Clinton's joke
revision session dgn Teahing Assistant utk lab semalam, dia stress, don't live near the river. it will flood. wherether it's a dry place, or has major flood only every 100 years, don't live near a river!
i gagged. i just had to say it out "but Clinton, the entire early civilizations existed around of the river. I guess we can't run from it. no place is safe"
they wouldn't call Kuala Lumpur for nothing either.
dok kat florida dan gava strip pon tak boleh sbb saltwater intrusion coming to contaminate their only sources of drinking water over time nnt. neighbor kat sebelah pulak infiltrate mineral halite yang masin jugak...dok kat california nnt byk pulak earthquakes sbb dia adalah plate boundary yg dekat dgn subduction zone. dok dekat europe ada possibility tu.kat tibet yg amat indah tu, ade converging plate plak. globally, plate tectonics are going to bump into each other. as sea livel rises, i'd imagine peninsula malaysia yg halus tu is going go fast and so on and so forth, mcm2 lah. mana2 kita duduk kat tengah, tepi depan belakang atas, bawah bumi tak selamat melainkan Allah juga yg menyelamatkan kita. Allahuakbar. this is the part where geologists, engineers and other concerned people play their roles. if prevention is better than cure, then in this case, prevention is THE cure...but only for so long though. nak built damp dan benteng high walls utk elak banjir, hanya untuk kawasan2 tertentu. kuasa Allah pon still, lg Maha.

saya tersenyum sbb....saya hanya boleh tersenyum dan berdoa bila bad news bila discuss psl masalah "dunia" (literally) dgn prof. gee... i dont remember that prof ever gives us any good news in geol. tak haruslah kita berbahagia sgt berendam dlm hot tub  kalau mother earth kita tgh lemas dlm hot water. hmm.

one of my classmates curiously asked, "so how do they cover it up?"

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