Women's Bags That Will Never Go Out of Style

6:05:00 PM

بِسْــــــــــــــــــــــمِ اﷲِارَّحْمَنِ ارَّحِيم

So I came back after a while talking about freedom (see previous post) and now women's bags. What is the topic so important? Well, other than it's stress releasing talking about the thing that was stressing me during my stay short in the States, it's also nice to reflect upon the experience and extract some good values that may benefit others, especially me dear sisters :) 

This was me several weeks ago at the San Francisco Premium Outlet, California. 

How I was at first.
How I ended up with.
How I actually was.

Women and bags can never be separated as it is the must-have fashion piece which allows us to carry all our belongings everywhere we go. As a picky shopper myself, I always find  reasons and excuses why certain women’s bags design work for me and why certain don't. But when it's your mom requesting you to buy a kazillion of this and that kind of bag by the given photos because they looked pretty, you never say no. I was mighty dumfounded. Just how many bags is a woman allowed to have? While I spent time and money on behalf of others, I wondered if I needed any more bags myself. 

After giving it some thought, below are my ultimate 
must-haves woman's bags that I personally thing all women should own and all men to be inspired by because you could never go wrong with these ones if you're thinking about giving them as gifts. They never go out of style even as years pass by.

Cross Body Bags

Cross body bags is a perfect addition to add into your wonderful wordrobe. If you are one of the girls who love that casual appearance while still maintaining that chic look, cross body bags is the one for you. It slings over your shoulder nicely and you can lead your day feeling comfortable. It is definitely a hands-free bag where you can carry especially when you commute on trains or simply go to shopping. I usually wear this on top of my back pack baby bag, otherwise just wristlet will do which eventually end up in the baby's bag. So, sling bag like this is neat! 

The typical items I carry: Wallet, cellphone, lipstick, ipad, tiny notebook, a pen

Tote Bag

For the ladies who want that sophisticated touch, tote bags are a must-have to own. Its design is suitable to be flaunted to work, in class, parties, formal events and even pasar malam! It has that certain elegant element to it which makes you entire look transform into something effortlessly stunning.

The typical items I carry: Laptop, notebook, wallet 

 Weekender Bag

The weekender is not just the bags for those short overnight trips but it can also carry a ton of other items you need. In my case, it would be staying over night at my in laws which is 10 minutes from home every now and then, weekends and weekdays! Whether you are travelling, having a baby or going to the gym, it will be absolutely a great piece of stylish fashion to own. It will always be in style and helps you carry all those important necessities. 

So a new bargain totebag it was for me! My husband would testify that I'm not the craziest person when it comes to women's bags. But while they serve as an important piece of necessity (many men now would agree and benefit just as much), it doesn't harm if we give thought and consideration when choosing them like a piece of accessories to go well with out outfit! 


Do you have any comments, concerns or inquiries? Or else, just drop me a note to say hi! :)