2016 New World Discovery.

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بِسْــــــــــــــــــــــمِ اﷲِارَّحْمَنِ ارَّحِيم


I'm currently very excited for a few reasons.

1. To start writing again on blog. I've been writing to all this while, here and there...just not on this blog. How could I stop...I have to admit that it's quite an obsession of mine. Regardless, thank you for those who keep encouraging me to write before it RIP for good at such young age. If there's any legacy I could leave this world with, it is my writing inshallah. I used to blame work for taking up all my time from writing, then came along marriage and mommyhood, I realized I have to do something about it.

2. Baby is currently sleeping, so yay for this PRECIOUS *___* moment! It feels like my life pauses for a while.

3. And last but not least....uuugh forgot what I wanted to say.

So, this year almost ends as you might have noticed. A lot has been happening in 2016, actually. I summarise this year to be the year of New World Discovery. It's epic ironic.

Ok, so...please bare with me with the timeline below.

February 2016: Big bro got married finally. I would like to think that the idea of marriage was inspired by me. Hee.

While at it, we took this opportunity to renew our vow (whatever that means). Pinjam bantal nikah pengantin sat. Eight month preggie.

March 2016:
A tiny creature decided to come out of me one day before going back to Kedah where I decided I wanted to be tamed by a non fierce and no nonsense Kedahan doktor during the time I evolve into a singa betina in labor room. But I have to accept the fact that Bettunia is anak bapak, so dia nk jadi anak Selangor macam bapak dia. We all have our biases. Some start early. Regardless, Welcome to the World of Mommyhood! I still had reports sent for checking and online skype meetings all the way from kampung with colleagues and boss during my maternity.

May 2016: Went back to work after maternity leave and got work promotion.

June, July 2016: Endless of hiring appointments for NW.

August 2016: 2 weeks of E@Stanford programme at Silicon Valley, SF USA organized by MaGIC.

September 2016: Resigned. Welcome to the World of Stay at Home Mom :) Two weeks of trip to Sydney. Eight days of trip to Perth, Australia.

October 2016: Three weeks of trip to Jakarta, Indonesia. Started writing for an online retail company.

November 2016: KLCC, Perak and Melaka weekend getaway

December 2016: Started freelance designing for a company. Legoland, Johor - Family Day. Indroduced to husband's paternal extended family in Kelatan.

So why New World Discovery? It's nothing like Christopher Columbus discovering the land of Americas. Similar though but completely the opposite. I changed status, profession and worldview from a wife to a mother, from a career woman to a SAHM and from KL travelled to many other foreign places. The same me learning to embrace and immerse into a different world. The reality was that those trips had caused me a ton of headache with loading, washing, drying and folding clothes for packing, unpacking, repacking, and repeat the same thing again and again. But I also have a lot of sharing and alhamdulillah to say and do. Starting with the story of getting Bettunia out inshallah. :)


Do you have any comments, concerns or inquiries? Or else, just drop me a note to say hi! :)