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His Affair with Durian Musang King

I don't celebrate Valentines but it's fun to join in the puns that go around the subject of love, marriage, and couples. This one I dedicate to Abe who will never be satiated enough eating durian musang king. He would leer at every durian stall that he drives past and would look at me with…

Choose: Save Time or Save Money?

So we were in the middle of house hunting, having a casual discussion about which land is best and which property suits our budget and ideals. It seems like nothing really satisfies our needs at the moment. From Sendayan to Klang to Semenyih, seem too far-fetched for us young parents with small chi…

Fire Doesn't Get Put Out by Fire

بِسْــــــــــــــــــــــمِ اﷲِارَّحْمَنِ ارَّحِيم

Alhamdulillah, for where I am today :) Although life is not always rainbows and butterflies, I believe one always always always have to pinch herself and realize that at least

1. She is not tested on her faith
2. It could've been worse
3. The…

When Labour Goes As Unexpected

Friday, 26 January 2018 -

I had started working from home so I could embrace the last moments of eating, sweating and peeing all the time at 39 weeks. I also moved in at my laws' as Abe had started working until late to settle office matters in prep for 2 weeks leave as I go into confinement in…

If The Oceans Were Ink Part 1

Writing, or shall I say blogging nowadays has never been more alike thieving activity. By that I mean, I would turn into a nocturnal owl, doing my business late at night sneakily while everyone is asleep, robbing all the time I could, to ensure a mission impossible, possible.

Just done with my con…
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