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This Brave Little Girl

Looking at your photos from today’s full day activities made me feel like writing about you. Maashallah, your bravery and kind-heartedness are commendable. Not to mention, deep too. I love your approach of always saying YES to life. Yes, Mama is talking about you, Betty my little one. I guess you’re not so little anymore.


You’d say hello to every single person we meet in the street while taking a walk and sometimes when people pass by on the elevator. It puts Mama and Abah in an awkward situation because soon you’ll learn that not everyone is friendly. But regardless, just do what’s recommended by sunnah, ya. I’ll cheer you on.

At the age of 4, Betty surprised us by mentioning animals I didn’t know until I was a lot older like gazelle, narwhal, stingray and  sea urchin. Your love for animals really shows. Before we got you a cat, you’ve had ants, termite, caterpillar and snail as a pet. Even from when you were a baby, you didn’t mind touching a snake. I admire your bravery, my little one. You love horseback riding and you’d ride on any animals when given chance.

Your curiosity level is second to none! Although you’re not a baby anymore, you really use all of your God given senses to kill curiosity including your taste bud to get to know something. Once I caught your picking something up from the bowl where it filled with cat food. I was cross with you thinking you ate the cat food but casually you said “No lah. I’m eating the ant who’s eating the cat food”, at the age of 4 and a half year old. You’ve also licked a cat when you were 2 years old. I rest my case.

You would dive your head and bury yourself in the sand whenever we go to the beach. Don’t get me started on swimming pool! Diving and jumping is your sport!

But on a flip side, I appreciate that you like to try new things by munching on raw carrot, cucumber, belimbing buluh, lime, okra etc even the ones you’re not supposed to be eating like whatever plants that exist by the roadside. It’s crazy and dangerous, my little one.


For someone who’s so brave, you’re also soft and kind-hearted. You’re adamant about wanting to be a doctor when you grow up. Sometimes you always say to me that you want to be a helper or a superhero. You’re good at cleaning your room and putting away folded clothes in your dresser.

When you get into fight with Mary who loves to hit you, push you around, pull your hair or pinch you hard, Abah used to always say - although I don’t recommend it - fight back. You would always come back and say “But I don’t want to be a bad guy!” while sobbing. You always give in to Mary! It’s not fair but  you learned from early on that life is not about fairness. It’s heart warming as well as heart breaking. You know I always constantly teach you how to stand up for yourself either by ignoring unwanted and bullying remarks or by happily and teasingly running away form the bully. You’re getting the hang of that now. You almost enjoy seeing Mary getting frustrated.

Your girliness level is to the max. You love to wear everything dress, pink and purple. You would wear your yellow Belle dress costume any day, whether you’re going to school, market, rumah nenek and even to bed as pyjamas.

With all those qualities mentioned, believe it or not, you are still very manja. You’d ask for permission every time you want to go to the loo. “Excuse me Mama, I can I go shishi please.” What do you think my answer is every time? “Go! Cepat…tak payah tanya!”, panicking as always. I mean, nobody enjoys wiping off anybody’s poop or pee. You’d ask me to help you wear your pants. You’d notice when there’s a piece of invisible black pepper in your food and you cannot stand warm food or dirty public toilets.

Deep (and funny)

Betty: Mama, are the clouds done crying? (Referring to the rain. You made me stop and ponder upon your word choices which you've put beautifully.)


Me: Betty, what would you do when Mama die?
Betty: I will go pray…and ask Allah to not make you die.


Me: Betty, can you please help water the plants?
Betty: But Mama…I want Allah to help me water the plants (by sending down the rain).


Me: Betty, come follow me!
Betty: Like the sun and the moon that follow us?


Betty: You do everything for me, Mama and you’re so kind to me. I love you Mama.


Betty: Mama, I want a baby boy. You need to eat a lot of junk food so your tummy can grow big and have a baby inside.


Betty: Mama, lambatnya Nia nak jadi besar macam Mama and Abah…


Betty: Mama, Tokma’s house is very far (6 hours drive). Is it in Pluto?


Mama: Betty, kenapa terkepit2 tu? Pegi shishi cepat.
Betty: Tapi Nia taknak shishi. Nia tengah naik horse ni.


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