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Lil Miss Dependent :)

بِسْــــــــــــــــــــــمِ اﷲِارَّحْمَنِ ارَّحِيم

Ramadhan kali ini banyak mengajar saya untuk hidup bergantung.

Saya rasa, saya tgh rindu Mukush saya ni. sebab tu dlm letih, tidur pon tak boleh. ce..rhyme plak. Alhamdulillah, sebelum mereka pindah semalam :'(, along dan saya dapat fixkan iftar kat rumah dengan pasangan comel ni. Dua2 bersilat kat dapur lepas kelas. Lari pegi meeting kejap dan sambung blk masak sampai Maghrib. The day before, they invited us over for sahur at their place at 3am. Semangat, bukan?Aykhan said, "Don't worry..if you don't wake up, I'll break down your door". Breakfast yg saangat sehat lagi menyelerakan. Husband and wife masak. It was Azeri style of Kishnish (breakfast). It's so interesting speaking to people who come from different parts of the world. We can detect clash of cultures :) I learn why they do what they do and adapt it along the way as far as how I do things (if they way appears to be more effective). 

Bro: I can't drink juice in Ramadhan..I don't know why. It's just so sweet. I prefer water. 

Akush (nama samaran): Why in Ramadhan, Ahmad? Like many people they say "I do not date in Ramadhan. It's haram" but in other months they date, they do bad stuff, you know, like it's halal in other months. Is it like that with you and the juice? It's bad to drink juice in Ramadhan, it's not healthy but in other months, you drink??

Bro: haha..oh no no. I mean, juice drinks are fine. My tounge just can't stand it. Water is good enough to quench my thirst after a day of not eating and drinking.

Later that evening, Mukush came over to my place and taught me how to make the best Pillau (pillaf rice) in the world! Alhamdulillah..wait until mama and ayah taste it. For once can I pleaaaaase be a better cook than mama. Impossible is nothing. lol. Mukush also taught me how to wear the hijab, Mukush style. ^^, good times. Alhamdulillah. Thank you Allah sebab bagi kesempatan utk berbonding lagi sebelum Mukush pindah.

(inshallah mereka akn dtg iftar kat rumah Chicago pulak esok! ^__^ May Allah make their journey smooth).

Petang tu, Bettunia dan husband, Shareef invited us over for iftar. Bro and I were especially excited to learn that they own a pair of kittens. CUTE kittens.  They were in need of names desperately but the couple just couldn't settle with two ultimately perfect names. At last, Shareef gave in to Bettunia's choice of kitten names only because the kittens have been nameless for ages. The were growing fast and too cute to just be called "Meow" or "Hey kitty". They orangey kitten is called Hummus and the greyish one is called Foul. Eating the two mediterranean dishes (hummus and foul) are going to remind me of the kittens. It's just so wrong. But cute cute names nevertheless. Imagine naming your kittens Lepat Pisang dan Roti Canai. Mmmm~ 

Alhamdulillah...ada sebab ayah suruh masuk NIU dan bukan universiti lain yang dekat dan ramai kenalan.  

Ya Allah ya Ghani, ya Somad, ya Muqaddim, please make us among those who are grateful  for the every little happiness You inject in our simple lives. Please make us strive and give us the sweetness, ability and ease to be the giving hands. Amin...

Alhamdulillah. Hidup berjiran terutama sekali dengan Muslim has taught me to be dependent. Is it bad to be dependent on His creations? Emm. To a certain extent, yes. But it's impossible to be completely independent. Sesungguhnya, kita bukanlah maha berdiri dengan sendiri. Kadang-kadang, dengan meletakkan diri kita dalam keadaan terhutang budi itu, membawa seribu satu hikmah. Kadang-kadang, sambil kita cuba sedaya upaya untuk tak nak menyusahkan orang, sebenarnya kalau kita let go and ask for help anyway, ada maslahat yg tersirat didalamnya. Contohnya, I was glad that Akush (while at work) made big bro to tell me to check up on Mukush one day because he didn't receive an email from her (their way of communicating since they one have one mobile phone). Otheriwse, I wouldn't have had a nice, long conversation with Mukush regarding a certain crisis they were facing. Bagi peluang utk orang lain bantu kita supaya mereka merasa senang, diperlukan dan tak segan untuk be dependent on us when it comes to their time facing crisis.

Tanpa berjirankan Muslim, tugas kami sebagai jiran masih perlu diteruskan. Community is still a community regardless of one's faith. Prof psyc saya emphasized sgt2, "You cannot raise a child alone or in two's (husband and wife)". Let's not appear as just Muslims to non-Muslims while appearing as good Muslims to other Muslims. Be good Muslims to everyone. 

Tersangkut paut pulak story harini dengan video best ni...

"Tapi aku takleh hidup macam ni"
"Memang tak boleh...selagi ko tak bergantung pada yang tak mati"

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