Change Begins with Choice 2.0

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بِسْــــــــــــــــــــــمِ اﷲِارَّحْمَنِ ارَّحِيم

Syukur alhamdulillah ke hadrat illahi..why..sbb aku masih hidup as Muslim.
tp, ckp mcm tu pon aku rasa arrogant. why.. sbb betul ke aku sdg hidup sbgai seorang Muslim ni?
seorang yang berserah diri kpd Allah. betul ke setiap moment yg aku lalui ni adalah sebagai seorang Muslim?
boleh jadi aku Muslim dipagi hari, dan kafir pula di mlm hari. nauzubillah himinzalik..

itulah sedikit sebanyak yang Sh Omar touched on masa workshop Change Begins with Choice 2.0 kat ISU haritu. he said, DOUBT YOURSELF. yes, we're all told believe in yourself trust yourself. but when it comes to  something good, segala bentuk ibadah, doubt yourself so you do not feel bongkak dgn sedikit amal yang kite buat, although it may seem big in our eyes and the eyes of others.


dengan harapan terbitnya Love and Hope towards Allah.

anyway, syukur alhamdulillah for..
  1. caring friends
  2. great travelling friends
  3. shared stories
  4. smooth program
  5. safe, fun and meaningful journey

utk program kali ni, kite dah dug up some leaders to be, inshallah. i mean, at least we got them thinking and divulging what their dreams are. we've had some participants who wanted to open up a private school in the name of Islamic system. ade juga yg nak buka bank sendiri dan promote Islamic finance. ada yang buat aerospace engineering dan create their very own flying cars. kat situ ade sedikit doubt whether or not it would be the best for all of us. i don't think it IMpossible. obviously it's possible. i'm just not sure that'd be the best means of travelling dlm kita berada di dunia yg tak sustainable. flying cars would mean that we need to extract more raw materials. what abt the non-biodegradable wastes that are piling up? flying cars would make this world more sustaining? as far as eradicate traffic jams, yeah maybe. but that would mean coming up with another set of laws.. enactment on air traffic.
  • they would need to be
  • pollute-less
  • sustainable
  • recyclable resources
  • ....and much more.
there are a lot of buts. i'm saying this out of care. but not only that..it's out of doubt and fear. what fear? fear of change, maybe. if i were to ask a group of people if they are scared of change, maybe i'd get one or two hand ups. but if i spin the question a bit to "who thinks other people are not prepared for change?". i'm sure i'd get a lot more hand ups this time than previously. what does this say? Self-denial...i guess i'm one of them, implicitly. sedar pon diri.

well, one way of looking at it is that, it doens't matter what i think because crazy as it may sound, it'd only take him one step closer to realizing his dream.  great thinkers are all majnun. mad people, initially :) I ended up applauding him. when people discriminate you based on your dreams, be sure that Yup, you're on the right track. it's either people discriminate your dreams or simply you don't dream BIG enough. let's take criticisms as those colorful soap bubbles. Distractingly pretty. Pain when it gets in your eyes, yet fun to look at...but airy, void with empty promises. Know that the fact that they criticize means they care enough to pay attention even for a while. the key thing to remember is, it's temporary. they really don't care once you get started on the project. Who would steadfastly amuse on crazy people hoping to restore their sanity? going back to square, mindless with no sense of purpose, now that should give you enough reason to go to rehab.

previously in penn state, we've friends who wanted to be an Islamic comic artist, the next Salahuddin Al-Ayubi, a successful farmer etc. subhanallah. expressing your ideas and dreams is one thing. but to actually execute them is another thing. We've talked about the formula of goal settings. Taking the test personally, got me ruminating, oh dear, what IS my goal? the price for Jannah  is not cheapppp! As Muslim, i have NO option but to be and make the best of my passion. For this ummah. and this goes beyond putting a demand on myself to be the best wife and mother to my future family, inshallah!

my hope and last words, reflecting upon the programs of CBWC 2.0 is that, realize that it's about time to dream and think BIG. Live life as a process, not system. I'll repeat that. LIVE LIFE AS A PROCESS, NOT SYSTEM! (this is especially for my own digestion and clarity). that means, to break free from the cycle and progress to your own unique capacity. Allah has created everyone special.

i'm gona end this note with some thoughts - a quote from Kamran Pasha.

"The ultimate gift that you can give to this ummah and to this world is actually do what you love. There are people who were born to be nuclear physicists. Albert Einstein was born to be a physicist. He was not born to be a screen writer. Had Einstein wasted his time being a screen writer, the world would be a different place. However, William Shakespeare wasn't born to be a doctor. Allah didn't create Shakespeare so he could be an architect, engineer, doctor or other secure professions. Had Shakespeare not done his job, the world would be a different place."


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