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بِسْــــــــــــــــــــــمِ اﷲِارَّحْمَنِ ارَّحِيم


Peek-a-boo. Hi there Reflection. I've been expecting you. 

Many twelve hour days at school this week, soaking wet, freezing cold, on empty stomach and yet, still typing. Alhamdulillah. Despite being cold on the inside, I feeel so warm and fuzzy on the inside.
Alhamdulillah...thank you for making my day, Allah subhanhuwa ta'ala, my bestie. So I woke up thing morning with a smile. As usual...trying to find something to be grateful for.

Of being Muslim(ah)

Jackie : Don't you wish to let your hair free and feel the breeze of the wind on your skin?
Minah: Sure I do (while sengih dari telinga kanan sampai telinga kiri, embracing the sepoi2 wind)...
Jackie: Ok.

hehe. I know, I could've said this this this and bla bla bla. But at that moment, I was content enough to let it go :) She questioned me about the hijab before and I answered. Sometimes (actually, most of the time) it's not about the things that you say but how you say things. That moment, I decided to say it through my action. Kenapa nak suddenly be all jumpy and defensive. I only answered her question, right. Sweet and short. Cukup. It was an honest question. Honest questions deserve honest answers :)

So thing morning, saya teringat kat kawan saya tu. Dia adalah athelete Huskies. Sgt cerdik dan sporty. We became friends from last sem's COMS class. I just had an epiphany regarding Tudung. Subhanallah. It's amazing how Muslimahs can wear tudung for most of their life time. Did you know that most of the time, they have to don their hijab even before they could entirely dry her hair up after taking shower? Dgn lembab2 rambut tu, dia kena ikat, buat sanggul, pakai anak tudung dan lilit dengan sehelai kain. Did you know that some days she has to wear tudung for twelve hours and more dan selama itulah rambut dia tak kering-kering. Hehe funny. By the time she's about to sleep or take another shower, say, at night, her hair would still be lembab2. Subhanallah. Sure, having the wind blown through your hair is suuuuucch a nikmah. But for many Muslimahs, what a rewarding sacrifice. They know that they're tasting a different and inshallah better kind of nikmah by donning the hijab :) Subhanallah. So, no fret. I'm just so happy thinking about that.

Of being Muslim

Seminggu dua tak boleh solat can be really daunting. When I go to masjid for prayers, there would always be some chairs spared for the sisters dan makcik2 comel yang uzur di telan usia. Maybe tak boleh berdiri lama ketika solat, atau just dah tak larat utk sujud.  When I look at them I always say a tiny whisper "Ya Allah...I can't imagine what it's like to not be able to make sujud to You. Sampaikanlah aku pada hair-hari tua dlm keadaan sejahtera, penuh barakah dan mampu untuk bersujud. Kalau aku ditakdirkan mati, matikanlah aku dlm keadaan bersujud." Why? because sujud is when we are closest to Allah. Subhanallah. Closest! Imagine having the privilege of being resurrected closest to God. Do you know how close is close in Islam? Close itu mcm kaki kita dgn dengan tali selipar. Close to macam kita dengan urat leher kita. Subhanallah. Dekattt, tu. Plus, you crawl up in a position like when you were in the womb, sitting comfortably and securely. From Him we come from and to Him we return. Men, tak dpt sujud sucks. Dahi rindu nak cium tikar sejadah. Sure, there are many forms of ibadah we can do other than sujud. But the actual act of sujud, prostration, letak dahi kat karpet, lantai, tanah atau bumi, is suuuccchh a nikhmah for Muslims and non-Muslims. For poeple who are desperate for guidance and help basically. Every single one of us has those moments when you feel humbled and just in need of sujud that if your forehead could touch farther, deeper, into the surface, it would. Pharaoh dan pelbagai jenis raja, dictator, even satan know bowing and prostrating are the lowliest form of submission. But for Muslims, it's entirely the other way round. We know and proud having to prostrate...before the One God. To us, it's actually THE greatest form of submission. Proud to be His slave.

So I thought, Muslim men are amazing. If there's anything that we all do as human being, it's sleeping and eating. Tapi, subhanallah, the 24/7 we have in our lifetime, there had been days when we missed our sleep, breakfast, lunch and dinner. These are the ABSOLUTE essential needs that we all require as human. But for many Muslims, they can miss and skip their sleep and their food, but never ever their solah. Subhanallah. That kind of put things into a perspective that solah is THE ultimate essence and kernel of what it means to be a human. Whoop2 to that. :)

to be continued...

(a lot of reflections today subhanallah...just trying to make happiness a habit)

"If your life is worth living, then it's worth recording" - Anthony Robbins. 


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