Story + Stamps + Container

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بِسْــــــــــــــــــــــمِ اﷲِارَّحْمَنِ ارَّحِيم

Story + Stamps + Container

Those are the three things in a package that we're assigned to design right now. Subject - Commemorative Stamps commemorating the important events in America. I picked the topic of American Suffrage which is about the women's fight for the right to vote. American women got their voting independence in 1920 after decades of struggle. Many of them didn't live to see this dream being realized. Those were the pioneers. The movie Iron Jawed Angels virtually demonstrates the juice and essence of the struggle. I recommend.

Inspired by...

I'd like to share some insightful thoughts from prof that I recorded and composed as we did our critique.

Do not just be aware...but BEWARE of this! Self-explanatory and common sense.
Common sense is innate and automatic. In this case, when I ask you to defend your design, as a client, it doesn't apply. Even 'sense' in common sense is learned. Babies learn through their senses. That means, you gotta give them something for them to start sensing something or so that they could use their senses to start learning something. So, fill me up here. Explain to me your intention. Don't assume your client is going to understand.

And Allah has extracted you from the wombs of your mothers not knowing a thing, and He made for you hearing and vision and intellect that perhaps you would be grateful. (An-Nahl 16:78)

Honestly, I think a lot of our society is ignorant. Not stupid, though.
Do you think that one day there will be no more magazines? Do you honestly think that people would turn to online books, articles, magz and newspaper completely as we're starting to see happening now?

Many of us said "No. It's impossible."

But seriously. Try to look at it with an open mind. I remember back in my time, people had the same perception with computers. Now, it's prevalent. We can't live without the internet, never mind the computers! Do you know what intactible is? The world today is full of intactibility. Give me some example..

I remembered this quote...
Today’s sad Reality: Big house but small family.. More education degrees but less common sense.. Advanced medicine but poor health..faceBook fans and followers but neighbours unknown.. High income but less peace of mind.. Lots of human beings but less humanity. what els you can think of?
One more, the prices of products are rising but human's price and value are depreciating. 

It's sad that the next genereation wouldn't know what collecting stamps is like, how exciting it is to receive a mail, how nice it is to feel money and smell it. One day they might ask, "What do you mean drawing with pencil?". It's sad to think that the Air Force trainees are being trained in a cube with virtual scenery, situation and target. I mean, 8 hours in a cube. It's lifeless. It's dead. This is the real human experience that we're lack more and more of. As for me, I make my own holiday cards and sometimes I send mails because these things are precious, memorable and kept well. I made my cards out of metals. Isn't that interesting? You bet. Things like that, people treasure. Just look at our inbox. Even important messages get buried in the thousands of junk ones.

We've become insensitive because we've been desensitized by the virtual world which has reduced down the uses and purpose of our senses. Come to think again, what is humanity without senses? Do we even share the same human experience anymore? Allah created our senses to reflect upon his ayahs (miraculous signs), and APPRECIATE. With hearing, seeing, touching CRITICALLY, we arrive at understanding. Even our finger tips are so powerful and informative. There's a lot of information we can get access to by just touching. Try touching the back of our ears using our finger tips. By just doing so, we're able to visualize a picture, all from the tip of the finger. Subhanallah. 

Say, "Have you considered: if Allah should take away your hearing and your sight and set a seal upon your hearts, which deity other than Allah could bring them [back] to you?" Look how we diversify the verses; then they [still] turn away.
In this case, let's not just be aware but BEWARE of nihilism and hedonism. Agh. Jom tgk documentary The Human Experience bawah ni bila free. 


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