The beginning of 2018 - The Year of More Sharing

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Work in progress.

Alhamdulillah for the some time alone that Allah gives to reflect and be in touch with Him without distraction :) Let's start with this.

Check out the questions aired on BFM Enterprise on a topic called 12 Questions For A Powerful Review of Your 2017 by Jeevan Shadevan from Leverage Lab. It's been a while since I last did a questionnaire, so lets take it away.

What were my TOP 10 greatest achievements this year?

- Made career changes and made positive impact in the company
- Contributed towards increased followers
- Better social media presence and engagement
- Several smooth event management
- Networking with top bloggers and NGOs
- Work from home/part time job offer
- Engagement with the factory workers
- Attained valuable knowledge in health and beauty specifically skin care
- Developed my own beauty routine and sticking to it
- Felt mucho loved by Bettunia :)

What were your TOP 10 greatest lessons?

- I cannot depend my happiness on other people
- Focus on getting things done
- Don't let perfection get in the way of good.
- Don't procrastinate on what can be done in less than 1 minute - just do it
- Do things for Allah and not other people
- Surround myself with positive people
- Pregnancy can be a hindrance in job interviews despite one's qualification and skills - but screw that "reality". Have faith and belief that babies are bearers of rezq from Allah as He promised. One way or the other, it will get to you...just in different shapes and forms. As long as you keep trying and doing something, He'll make it happen.
- Find peace and consolation from Allah.
- People will find ways and reasons to bring you down. Just do your thing, show up, prove them wrong & move on.
- Some arguments are just not worth fighting for. Stick to your guns and know that Allah knows and He will give you something better.

What were the biggest risks you took?

- Job interviews until the 7th month of pregnancy
- Declaring and not declaring
- Refusing to be confirmed
- Venturing into cosmeceutical industry
- sharing more now

What were the smartest decisions you made?

- Going for job interviews even at 7 month pregnant
- Making a come back into the work force
- Not exposing Bettunia to cellphones
- Giving up my full time job and receiving a counter offer before maternity leave

What 3 relationships improve the most?

- mi familia
- social life with friends
- with myself

Write down the names of 3 people who had the greatest impacts in your life.

- Pamela Duckerman (author of Bringing Up Bebe)
- Gretchen Rubin (author of The Happiness Project)
- Abe (his sheer support through ups and downs)

What 3 compliments would you have liked to have been given to you?

- Pregnancy doesn't affect your productivity and quality of work.
- Your skills, perseverance, experience and hard work are acknowledged
- Thank you for taking the initiative.

What are you most grateful for?

- Current health and well being of myself and family
- Safely carrying around this bundle of joy for over 9 month now despite some rigorous activities
- Current work arrangement with place & time flexibility
- Mama & Ayah even though they are soo so soooo far away, Mommy & Dady
- Abe just for who he is and what he does for the family :)

What 1 word sums up your entire 2017?

- Empowered

What are the 3 biggest necessary endings before I enter 2018?

- Shy about sharing...or other excuses like, don't wanna impose, appear arrogant or being careful about other people's feelings etc. all of that has contributed towards my unproductivity, reservedness, living in constant hesitance & fear of being judged, silence and exclusivity.
- No news is good news (this is bull, Abe taught me that)
- Procastinating
- Self pity

What are 3 habits you will develop before you enter 2018?

- Share something everyday
- Don't wait. Initiate!
- Be more organized

What 1 word will be your theme for 2018?

- Share


Do you have any comments, concerns or inquiries? Or else, just drop me a note to say hi! :)