The Manual Comes First Before The Product.

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بِسْــــــــــــــــــــــمِ اﷲِارَّحْمَنِ ارَّحِيم

alhamdulillah hirabbil 'alamin..
lagi sehari nak ke NIU.
better yet, along will be coming with me ^__^
kalau aku sorang2, mana mungkin aku dpt tempuh onak duri cabaran kat sana.
Allah knows best. Thank you for providing me the extra strength.
He is about to make my journey all sweeter than it already has been.

speaking of which, yesterday, i attended the talk, Literacy Appreciation: The Tafsir of Surah Ar-Rahman by Bro Nouman Ali Khan.

it was announced two days before the actual event. if i'm not mistaken.
it was awesome, i first thought. but i was short of money.
Alhamdulillah for that moment for it made me think,
"Is it the ilm that I'm intrigued by or the speaker?"
...."eh, salah ke which ever?".

"When the scholar speaks and point his finger to the moon, everyone turns their head and look at his pointy finger" said Tariq Ramadan once, which in amusement, indicates that while the speaker is calling people to Allah, they are busy calling his name. they appreciate more about who gives the ilm than the ilm itself.

Once jumpa Sheikh Muszaffar, dlm keterujaan, anty fauziah reminded us "Ingat, kita kagum dia ilmu yg Allah bagi kat dia..bukan diri dia sendiri".

In my case, I was already floored with the topic The Tafsir of Surah Ar-Rahman. Subhanallah. I've been searching for a good lecture/class on the surah's tafsir. It had been one of my favorite surahs even before I knew Islam. So, yesterday really felt like the best sweet 16th birthday prez for me, gifted by Allah azzawajal. The coming of Bro Nouman was just a bonus. Thank you Allah. (yeah..yeah..I still had to pay).

dlm Astro Oasis, program Ar-Rayyan by Ustazah Fatimah Azzahra. there was once a special guest, a grad student, who lost both his legs. He let us in the  tragic story on how he coped with it. as though that wasn't enough, Allah then took away his sight. There was a time, he said, that he felt incredibly frustrated. He was in great dejection! He started crying, screaming and flinging stuff around. He was comepletly out of control. Patience, the mother said. Patience! that still wasn't enough. Then, she started reciting the one of the many ayats "Fabiayyiala irabbiku matukaziban - Which of your Lord's favor do you deny?". He stopped abruptly. His rebuking heart skipped a beat, but slowing trembling appease. 

Finally Allah answered my curiosity that's been killing me for aages. the first two-three ayats. "1. Ar-Rahman", "'2. 'Allamal Quran" "3. Kholaqol innsaan"

kenapa ayat 2 sebelum 3? kenapa Allah ajar Al-Quran dulu, then baru created insan?

maka terjawablah soalan cepumasku based on a simplistic but logical concept, manual first before product.
Al-Quran tu buku panduan hidup. Dia ajar kita purpose, function. Segala instructions and DIYs ada lengkap. basically, NYAWA kita ada pada buku ini. how life begins, how to live life, how life ends, semmua ada. i was like, duuh Ateeqa Nasha. ~ kesukaan bila sebahagian misteri hidup dah terjawab ~ :)

sungguh lah, i'm sooo being an insaan right now and always have. Insaan, looking from its roots dictates one that forgets a lot and one that needs love, gets love and gives love.

and subhanallah, on top of everything, Allah also and especially made Al-Quran to serve that purpose.

hatiku berbunga2..i met a lot of my friends. ones from oakton, class, mcc...i felt so belonged to be there :).
i met Cheyenne who I mentioned previously, an american-latino convert, from my women studies class, same age as me. She's engaged!!!!! i still remembered how she was terried that her egyptian step dad was going to marry her off at egypt last sem. it seems that things turned out to work out here in the US after all. she was there at the lecture with her sis-in-law to be. She's engaged with an egyptian guy, but american born and raised. I'm so happy for you, sis. he sounds ideal for you  ^__^

sangat happy. her face was glowing... :) looking forward to your walimah this summer! hehe. pray for me too.

i've to pen off now. i meant to share more about the pengisian. but this will do for tonight.


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