bumi dah berumur, kita pon dah berumur..

11:57:00 AM

بِسْــــــــــــــــــــــمِ اﷲِارَّحْمَنِ ارَّحِيم

In geology, we've gone as far as Geomagnetic Reversals, which cause the Earth's magnetic field to reverse polarity. i.e. North becomes South, South become North.
it happen every 500 000 years, ada masa the MF had been stable for 30 mil years - masa zaman denasor.
the new field build up rapid. sometimes it fails or shall i say, it flips back over to its normal condition. that's called excursion. but once it happens, it happens rapidly.
It has been a while and now, according to observation, the shift has tried and failed almost by double recently.

terlintas di fikiran aku, this all seems familiar. north jd south, east pon jadilah west. hadith2 yg mengaitkan tanda2 Kubra nk kiamat adalah apabila terbitnya matahari dari barat (Ad-Dabbah). what a reminder..

before we ended the class. he gave a funny look saying "You know, it has been a while since the GR. Another one might come anytime soon".

kalau susah nak bayangkan api neraka tu macam mana,
bayangkan api matahari yang terasa bahangnya sampai ke bumi,
yang boleh buat hutan terbakar, manusia mati kepanasan,
dan bayangkan kalau api dunia, manusia dah pun kalah...
betapa hebatnya api neraka jahannam itu sgt panas...
kalau bumi ni sebesar bola bball,
kerak bumi yang dipijak ni tebalnya lebih nipis daripd sehelai kertas A4,
we're living right on the skin surface of the flesh of lava.
if there is one thing that we all - the dead, living things, earth, planets, universe - do, it's that we're all ageing. bumi dah berumur, kita pon dah berumur..
Unlike other things, if there's one best thing that human beings could do to parallel their increment of age before they get destroyed, it would be amal soleh.

we are worth more than our terrible acts. we are not broken. all we need is just need some polishing (in the heart).


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