Five Things during Finals

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بِسْــــــــــــــــــــــمِ اﷲِارَّحْمَنِ ارَّحِيم

A dandelion said, "You know what? Nothing worth having comes easy"

although my room is a shamble right now due to the finals fever, alhamdulillah for everything else in my life that seems to be balanced and organized. but never settle for okay when things can always be okayer.

emm. ape nak cakap tadi.
let's keep it short and sweet.

Alhamdulillah for...

1. the documentary called "Happy". The one time yesterday that I dragged my comforter, laid down and chill a bit in the living room watching Happy, along upon returning home from his finals thought I was depressed.

Two main things I'd like to share:

  1. without adversity, there is no happiness
  2. Karoshi - death by overwork epidemic in Japan. (yg ini sgt scary)

Subhanallah. I rarely watch TV, never mind camping in the living room. But after the Art history paper I had yesterday, I thought would treat myself a bit. Allah helped me out yesterday and I treated myself? You should be treating Allah and maybe spend more time with Him instead (aaaa...please help me make it up to You while I still have time, even if ever so little. Amin..)

2. Completed final projects on time and with ihsan, inshallah. The overtime paid up thanks and praise be to Allah. I had some time of contemplation while I worked on my final projects over the weekend at school. What drive me to spend day, night and weekends for this benda alah called school projects? Prof dah bagi semua students grade masing2. I could just sit back, relax and not turn up for finals. So what drive me to spend unconsiderable amount of time on this particular project? Sesunguhnya ya Allah kalau tak sebab adanya concept mencari redha Engkau dan working with ihsan, tak mungkin aku ada kat sini. *sobs* semoga dua alasan ni cukup untuk kita istiqomah dlm memotivasikan diri. T_T Mamat kept saying to minah "Asek2 keje keje keje". Dan minah pernah bertanya kepada mamat out of exasperation "Mamat, kenapa minah ada  banyak sangat keje ni...waawaaa" mamat cakap "Nak jadi student yang excellent kene la mcm ni" Tersentak kejap minah. nyesal pulak merungut. tapi macam nak merungut lagi...dlm hati minah berkata "if this is what it takes to be excellent...that i don't want to be. Not at the expense of spending time with family, taking care of the house, etc etc..wawaaaaa~" sebenarnya minah terlupa yang adversity ni datang bermusim. minah terlupa yang adversity ni adalah temporary. minah terlupa yang adversity itu adalah ujian dimana kalau dia bersabarrr je sikit lagi, Allah tambahkan iman atas iman. bukan untuk minah tambah rungut atas rungutan. Pffftftft. chill la. baru kene deal dengan homework. Astaghfirullahhal adzim. "Tough times don't last. Tough people do."

3. Classmates...everyone had been so nice but in particular, Laura who was protective over me and didn't let me walk by myself at night after class. So we walked home together and parted to our separate ways at least more than half way through :)  Vinh who in class, bullied people a lot. lol. But on the last day of class, he decided to walk out with me and organize a bowling event for our class. That class with Big Daddy as our prof was the best.

4. Documentary Happy coincided with Prof Omer's teaching of listing 5 THINGS to be SHUKR for at least once a week. A study found that that people who practice this are generally happier people ^__^

5. Just shukr alhamdulillah to be alive in Dekalb. I had a fundraise event with the Islamic community here and maashallah. Beautiful people, especially the aunties2 yang sgt cool dan comel. Alhamdulillah they are the people whom I get along most with! Their deen and spirit reflect the young! and even more so. Subhanallah. There's this one Palestanian auntie who, reminds me of wan. Super cool and young at heart like wan. May Allah bless them and their growing family. amin :)

eh ehh...terlebih sudah. tak pendekkk ponnnn. aaagh. oke. jom tulis script. 8 more to go before thursday morning. kalau ni script, dah dua bereh out of the eight.

Let's keep each other in our du'a :)

 Allahumma yassir wala tu’assir robbi tammim bi’khair..
O Allah, make it easy, and do not make it difficult. O Allah, make it end well

I thought I might share this pretty portrait
by William Adolphe Bouguereau 


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