Perfect is OK :)

11:34:00 PM

بِسْــــــــــــــــــــــمِ اﷲِارَّحْمَنِ ارَّحِيم

after anty sara and EM washington's farewell dinner just now,
mama and i had a long talk about life. and death.
out of the juicy pengisian i got, i've so many things to share.
but it's seems more reasonable for me to put it in a concise form like this.

Happiness comes from the inside.
You cannot expect your counterpart to create happiness for you, let alone waiting for someone to make you happy.
Even a king sitting on his throne saying "C'mmon people. Amuse me!"cannot be entertained if all he can think of, internally, is bitterness.
You can't. YOU decide whether you want to be happy or not.When you seek OK and IT WILL BE FINE on the inside, happiness exudes. Tranquility seeps in.

Hope is what it is.Good hope.
Heshh...I don't like the word hope so much. It's too dry.
Hope reminds me of Obama. The mainstream kills it.
We go for tawakkal ok.

Last two nights I was informed with some some hard-hitting news. So perform salah I did, asking for strength.
Amazing is the affair of ears and tongues. They could either make you or break you. Subhanallah (:
Tawakkal. Mutawakkilin - Those who have tawakkal.
Deriving from the word taukil, is means to appoint an agent or representative. How I see it is basically me appointing Allah as my wakil to sort my life affairs out for meand be able to say, aku berlepas diri daripada masalah ini sekarang. Allah will make it ok.

before you know it, Allah plants imaan inside your  heart! subhanallah.
Your Allah-given imaan is grounding and growing and blooming, all from the seed of tawakkal. Your limbs and state of mind will function according to the nutrients of iman. What are the signs of imaan?
Seseorang itu tenang dan ceria sebab the feeling of aman dan damai lagi permai resides dlm hati dia. Best la belajar pasal tawakkal ni.

As my yin and yang were debating with each other, I decided to be biased and go for yang. lol. sayang la yang ni! Why? becuase out of conviction, I KNOW DEFINITELY, FOR SURE, THAT GOOD (NOT WILL) DOES AND COMES AND IS HAPPENING NOW OUT OF THIS.

You don't hope to be in a good state. You demand it!

This guy down here convinces me that I'm not crazy when I talk and scream to myself. Let's make tawakkal a practice - always putting yourself in a state of certainty.

(Tuhan yang membuka jalan kemenangan itu) Dia lah yang menurunkan semangat tenang tenteram ke dalam hati orang-orang yang beriman (semasa mereka meradang terhadap angkara musuh) supaya mereka bertambah iman dan yakin beserta dengan iman dan keyakinan mereka yang sedia ada; pada hal Allah menguasai tentera langit dan bumi (untuk menolong mereka); dan Allah adalah Maha Mengetahui, lagi Maha Bijaksana.

imperfection - my definition of perfect is OK :)
I love you Allah. Alhamdulillah. Thank you for everything. 


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