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Bee Greetful!

1:51:00 AM

بِسْــــــــــــــــــــــمِ اﷲِارَّحْمَنِ ارَّحِيم

So, this guy right here is my friend. He's simple and crazy. Simply crazy. hehe. We hit it off pretty well. It all began when he saw me doing homework at the student center with a knife by my side. I know Muslims, in the eye of Westerners, carry a notion of terrorism. So I appreciated it when he approached me and ask, juuuust to confirm, you know :)

Mr R.: (out of the blue) So, is that to defend yourself?
Me: Excuse, me?
Mr. R: That knife you got over that for defense?
Me: Ha? What knife? (it was a exacto knife/cutter to cut cardboards, to be precise)
Mr. R: That knife by your hand.
Me: HAHA. Oh no. That's for my artwork... but yeah, could be used to defend myself also.

Sparking conversations from a story or 'Hi' is truly noble in my opinion because that helps you break the cold icy ice out of people.

Breaking The Ice. 

Imagine ice cubes. Hard rock and unpleasantly freezing to touch. We're not penguins that could and ideally need to survive in that kinda of surroundings. We're only humans. We're huggable, filled with love, warmth and fuzziness on the inside. Not too cold nor too warm of a weather is always more preferable to be in. That is exactly what it feels like once the ice is broken or melted in a crowd of cold, scary looking strangers. From being stiff and frozen, suddenly our day becomes bright and sunny with a hint of rainbow in the mid blue sky, all from a simple 'Hi'.

A simple 'Hi' also goes a long way. Who knew?
With every 'Hi' that I give away I hope that I would stick in their minds.

I may be a girl and a guy would say to himself "Wow. A girl said hi to me today. No girls have ever said Hi to me!"

I may be a Muslim and the person would say "A Muslim said hi to me today. How interesting and unconventional."

I may be a Muslim girl and the person would say "A Muslim girl said hi to me today. I thought Muslim girls were unfriendly, overly shy and oppressed"

I may be a nobody and the person would say "Somebody just smiled said hi to me today. For a moment, she made my stop thinking about my world problem and appreciate life"

Before I knew it, I was diminishing stereotypes. Before I knew it, I was making someone's day. Before I knew it, I making a lifelong friendship.

Wouldn't you want to be that special person? :)

Go ahead. Just smile and say hi.
Bee Greetful!


Do you have any comments, concerns or inquiries? Or else, just drop me a note to say hi! :)