Cerita kat Masjid DeKalb.

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بِسْــــــــــــــــــــــمِ اﷲِارَّحْمَنِ ارَّحِيم

Peace be upon you my dear brothers and sisters.
If there are

To be honest, I never expect or think that when I write, anybody would read. But blogger has this counter thing that tells me it has visitors. So, come may one soul or hundreds I still want to extend you my greeting of peace :)...yaw (can't help myself).

Alhamdulillah 'ala kuli hal. Saya nak cerita pasal masjid DeKalb.

One of the best things about the masjid is that, if Minah is not accompanied by the aunties at the sister's musollah, there are always the kids. Subhanallah, amazing are the fathers. They nurture their kids' fondness of the masjid at early age! May their childhood be filled with sweet memories of the masjid as their playground place :)

Ngorat Kakak Tua

So after maghrib, I sat there doing some work on my laptop. Two boys were playing peek-a-boo with me using a fart sound which is my least favorite sound ever. Therefore I put on a poker face. Then from afar, Mamat asked if I wanted to eat some biryani. The uncles and brothers were having a small farewell party for a brother who's leaving for his home country. I said yes please! But not too much. Then a tiny bro, 'Ala appeared from the partition and carefully handed me the paper plate with rice. While I was eating, the boys ('Ala and Sultan) were creeping at me closely and ran away back and forth until one of them ('Ala) decided to push Sultan and hit me. A cup of water spilled all over my dress and the carpet. Funnily enough, I didn't even bother to look up but continued to ignore the boys. Macam malas nak layan. Air je pon. Sultan became cuak dan gelabah. Out of anxiety, he was screaming at me saying "!هو  دفع في  خلص" many times. Why is he telling me off? Shouldn't I be the one yelling at him instead?  Lol. I was so confused. Apparently he said "He pushed me, ok!" Funnily enough, after a moment, I saw the same eye pepping out from the curtain. A hand came out, ready to roll off a can of soda. It was Sultan. I looked up and smiled. "Come," I said, thinking the can of soda is not a grenade ok. Aiya. Dah takut la tu. Hee. Nak cubet je.

Upin, Ipin & Kak Ros

After having done eating, I went back on my laptop, drawing. A little girl Maymuna was around and she was also drawing. 'Ala slowly reappeared and I asked him to come check out what I was doing. So we all sat together like a happy family. And that was exactly what we talked about! Maymuna wished she didn't have a brother while 'Ala said he wouldn't mind having a brother or a sister judging he's the only child. Out of nowhere, I decided to watch Upin & Ipin with them titled "Almost Syawal". Maymuna said she only watched Islamic cartoon and asked for Salahuddin the movie. Subhanallah. hehe. I was like, "Upin & Ipin is Malaysian and quite Islamic. That's ok, right?" - The episode Almost Syawal is as most Islamic as it gets talking about Ramadhan, sahur, prayer and Ayawal. They were so intrigued, surprisingly by Kak Ros' character.

'Ala said they have a mice voice. - yeah, being Asian, that's innate. After watching Kak Ros, 'Ala expressed that he wasn't sure if he wanted a sister anymore. Lol. Ok. Bad bad bad idea.

Catty and Kitty

Then we went off talking about animals and pets. I told them about the story of Princess Fiona (bukan nama sebar), how she made a cardboard house for a pregnant stray cat outside of her house. She always feeds her and one day, after having delivered the babies, she found the mother cat carried her little one under her bed, inside her house! She didn't know about it until a Noble Shrek was shouting and shushing the mother cat away. Princess Fiona saw the incident and described that the mother car was carrying the baby in her mouth and then it slipped. She went back and grabbed the baby again in fear and tried to run like a headless chicken although she was a cat. "Kucing tu menginjing anak dia kat mulut then terlepas, pastu lari balik dengan panik. Kesian dia. Dia nak cari tempat yang lebih selesa untuk anak dia kot, bawah katil tu." Minah yang share cerita tu dengan budak2 ni, dia pulak yang bantai teriak. Kalau minah ada di tempat siaran langsung, dia akan cakap (or jerit), "Kucing tu pon ada perasaan! Dia tahu takut! Dia jugak tahu sayang!!!" :'( I muhna hugggg the kitty and the mommy and squeeze the fear out of them.

Bila Noble Shrek cakap "Tu la...bagi makan lagi kat kucing tu". Princess Fiona replied way more wisely by saying "Rasulullah(upon him be peace)kan sayang kucing. Boleh halau, tapi baik2." Wuaaaaa...lagi banjir masjid DeKalb.

1. Ibu kucing saaayang sangat kat anak dia. Dia nak anak dia duk kat tempat selesa. Bila kena halau, dlm ketakutan, dia masih bertungkus lumus selamatkan baby dia.  
2. Princess Fiona ni sgt noble akhlaqnya. Buat rumah setinggan untuk kucing tu, beri makan. Dia sayang kucing sebab sunnah. Dia tegur dengan hikmah dengan memberi tamparan reminder yang sangat menyayatkan hati. Insaf!

Well, that was my day with the kiddies at the masjid. Hmm...macam2.

Well, talking about Ibadurrahman...

Today I decided to watched Umar the Series episode 3. I was struck by another reminder about the ayat when the movie was screening the shot between Ibn Abi Quhafah, Ibn Mas'ud and Abu Jahl  (yeah I print screented them because I'm nerd like that).

The exemplary hit spot on of the ayats...
"And the servants of the Most Merciful are those who walk upon the earth easily, and when the ignorant address them [harshly], they say [words of] peace," 
"And [they are] those who do not testify to falsehood, and when they pass near ill speech, they pass by with dignity." Al-Furqan 25:72

Ha, ape lagi. Let's watch Umar The Series and mix match not only the words but which the actions of the companions reflect Al-Quran and Seerah. The shot ended with a reminder quote from surah Al-An'am (6:108)...
"And offend not those who call to other than God so that they not offend God out of spite without knowledge. Thus, We made to appear pleasing the actions of every community. Again, to their Lord is their return. Then, He will tell them what they had been doing."
Again, to our Lord (the Lord of the worlds and all mankind) is our return. Sweet habis la Allah ni. What did I do to deserve this :'/ It's a reminder that I need to do more. This is just a glimpse of Allah's nikmat. Iman atas iman requires mujahadah yang tinggi. May Allah strengthens us all. Amin :')


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