When Labour Goes As Unexpected

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Friday, 26 January 2018 -

I had started working from home so I could embrace the last moments of eating, sweating and peeing all the time at 39 weeks. I also moved in at my laws' as Abe had started working until late to settle office matters in prep for 2 weeks leave as I go into confinement in Kedah :)

Later in the day, I took Mommy for jalan-jalan at Alamanda. Allah still gave me strength to drive around and carry my 2 year old Betty (and the one in tummy) at shopping malls when I needed to get some exercise (or weight lift more like). A couple of hours went by, we got home and I tried to settle work from the evening until beyond 12 am (I was actually writing my January Zalora article on "Dare to Breast Feed in The Public"). I demanded upon myself, by hook or by crook, I have to submit this today. So I toiled away at the sound of Abe's happy snoring who thoughtfully got home late from futsal when his wife was already like a ticking bomb, due to explode anytime.

Actually this month had been a full on. We travelled to Singapore and walked for miles at the Universal Studio and the Singapore Aquarium. We went back to Jitra by car and went bowling. That's riiight. Pap wanted to put his injured bones to a test and so they (Mam and Abe), altough I didn't sign up for it, let me take over their rounds at bowling. Test perut kononnya. By the second game, my belly cramped like God knows. Lets just say that I couldn't walked properly for a week.

Saturday, 27 January 2018

6.00 am: I was woken up by the subtle pain that kept distracting my beauty sleep. What is this pain at 6:00am. Can we postpone it? I'm taiyod. I reached my cellphone and finally use the app that I will hopefully use again in 3 years or beyond. The contrationometer said that I'm in pain every 5-8 minutes. It's fine, just relax, must be a false alarm. I'll be fine. I'll wake Abe...just because I envy him sleeping like a baby. Now I have someone to suffer with.

Abe's up and he immediately said "Lets go to the hospital, NOW!". He was like a headless chicken running up and down the house to inform everyone. I took a shower and had breakfast...just like any day I would and all ready. Before I knew it, we were already out of the house. Mommy gave me a kiss and a look of in-case-we-don't-see-each-other-again-after-this.

We stopped by at Shell to buy gas and some more eateries. Banana, bihun goreng, Costa strawberry drink etc. all finished in the car on our way to the hospital. As soon as I arrived, I was checked in at Kajang Plaza Medical Centre. Apparently I was already 2 cm dilated. Ok, not too bad. I guess it was a contraction pain after all. According to the nurse, it was still a long way to go. Some women, had to be sent home and came back after a week when they were fully opened. Das kraaazie. So what am I doing here?! I requested if I could leave and take a walk. She only permitted me to go as far as the opposite block of shop lot. Whatt? I was hoping to take a stroll at IOI Putrajaya City Mall. Pfftfft. Fine. So we had another breakfast. Tak tau nak buat apa, makan la. We had a big bowl full of laksa. Ok I did...while Abe just look at me with awe (no, not by my beauty this time).

9.00 am : When we went into our room, I got changed into the oversize gown given by the hospital (as though I didn't feel fat enough). We stayed in for a while, I laid on bed, Abe watched TV, we both got bored and decided to take a walk. I could not lie on by back as it was the most uncomfortable position to be in. So I slipped into my casual attire ready to be a run-away-pregnant-lady.  On our way out, a nurse suddenly popped up to give me some ubat lawasss. Obviously now I cannot go out. Quickly and gradually the pain started to intensify. I think the nurse knew my intention. As image is everything, I decided not to go out in public at that moment. I didn't want to appear like a weirdo looking garang when I'm actually containing the pain nor an abusive wife who clings hard on her husband, crushing his hand every minute. People would feel sorry for Abe having to marry me. So for the third time, I got changed. Better luck next time. Minutes later, to our surprise, a nice warm breakfast was sent to our room from the heavens. Makan lagi. Nasi and other filling stuff :)

11 am : Still 2 cm dilated, no progress although 'the wave' came every minute. By now, I was in the bathroom just sitting on the toilet bowl and let the water run. Looking back at the scene, I was like a girl transforming into a deadly werewolf going awooo. Only in this case, the full moon comes out every minute. An hour later, I was on my feet to change position. In the space of the bedroom, I clinged onto Abe like a dancing couple to a slow song, while he massaged my back.

12.45 pm : Doc came. I was 5 cm dilated. She asked if I managed to go to IOI. Grr...funny doctor aight. She also asked if I took any air selusuh. Ok this part slightly angered me because almost everyone who checked me out would ask the same question. I was angry because first and foremostly I forgot what air selusuh was. Haha. So I had noooo idea what they were talking about, I was clueless and it annoyed me because now it's not the time to make friendly conversations. I just said "No!" and looked at Abe like what the heck are they talking about?

With doc's approval, I was put into the labor room. By now, the pain was so excruciating I forgot how to breathe. I recalled the book that I read by Ina May on Guide to Childbirth during the time I was pregnant with Betty. I needed to implement hypnobirth. I told myself the epicentre of my existence currently is to inhale and exhale with focus like they were my last. Like seeing a tsunami approaching, I was a swimmer who panics and forgets how to swim. I needed to see it as just a wave, be a good surfer and get ready to stay in control when it hits hard.

If there was anyone who's most excited and pray for this pain to come, it's my dear Abe.

Proof No. 1: He jumped out of bed and quickly woke everyone in the house.
Proof No. 2: He was too excited to take any shower before leaving for the hospital.
Proof No. 3: He smirked every time I cringed out of pain.
Proof No. 4: He felt satisfied when the contraction machine consistently maxed out (pain level reads 100).
Proof No. 5: He was just so happy that this was happening on a Saturday. He was around. No drama of not picking up phone calls from me or riding Uber and not having the money to pay Uber. What could go wrong?

To him, it's all a good sign.

As I was climbing the birthing bed with the help of a small stool, the wave came again. I froze. I said to the nurse "Kejap eh", waiting for it go away first. She was so worried I might fall that she said "Eh Puan, baring cepat, takut jatuh." Fine...but then she had to ask "Puan ada ambil air selusuh ke???" Boy, did I snap. "Mana ada! Kenapa semua orang asyik tanya pasal air selusuh ni? I don't even know what air selusuh is!!!" Hahaha. Emo betul. I'm sooo sorry. Now I feel bad.

Doctor put something that made my tush felt warm, then I was left alone with Abe. Abe suap me some kurma. As I fought the pain, I could also feel my body teran. Ok fine. I purposely teran because I could not stand it anymore, for God's sake! I was sweating hard (which by the way is sooo rare or never of me to sweat beads even under a hot sunny day. Abe thinks I'm a mutant) in a full blast airconded room where it felt like the arctic according to Abe. After several moans, a nurse casually came in to check on me. Right away she screamed "FULL!!!" Then 3-4 nurses and the doctor rushed in and in a flash set up all the stirrups and handles.

1.03 pm : This is it. Push. Push. Push. In conjunction to that, I have exhausted all my energy and will to live to bare just one more of this all mighty contraction pain. Any more, I honestly feel I would die. I could feel it coming again fast and furious, no word could describe it. On the fourth and what seemed like a lifetime, with all my might, letting out a desperate, weepy groan calling out Allah's name, I pushed. Finally, I heard a baby's cry.

In comparison to my first labor, this time round was a lot more painful. The pain was raw and original as Mommy put it because I wasn't put on ubat pelali or any kind of sedation. And in comparison to my first labor, this time round, I was more emotional (instead of confused thanks to ubat pelali) as I held Mary. All the pain, the dilemmas and the rejection came down to this moment. She felt heavier at 2.9 kg (her sister was 3.1 kg) because the amount of energy exerted. I was so weak. The first words I utter after delivery was, "I'm hungry...can I please have some kurma?"

Good thing I was weak, otherwise I would've snapped for the second time when Abe replied "Alamak...sorry. Kurma dah habis Abang dan makan." Can you believe it. I just gave birth and you gave me this? Can I continue crushing your hand? Haha. When did you have the time to eat in the middle of all this?

Imagine the unbelievable amount of food I gorged before labor and the amount of energy left after. What's more, it was only a 15 minutes painstaking labor. Salute to all women with long intensifying labors.


1. This one was a tough one and quite a painnnn. Alhamdulillah regardless, for a very smooth sailing. All the best to all ladies out there giving birth this year. Know that sakit sunat dua kali pon masih tak sama nak dibandingkan dengan sakit bersalin....but be sure that it (contraction) won't kill you. No child birth situation/experience is exactly the same. The reward of labour is life. Is that not enough of a reason to die for? Allah has His way of showing you are stronger than you think, physically and emotionally. Imagine being a Mom for the first time....and then the second time! That is LOVE to the power of two. It's crazy. May every inch of this world be filled with mother's love.

2. I highly recommend Dr. Anita from Kajang Plaza Medical Center (KPMC has such friendly gynae doctors). In my weakness, I saw her leaving the room with full humbleness and radiance like an angel. She saved my life and my baby's. Thank you Allah for trusting our lives on her and Abe.

3. To all pregnant ladies out there, after bersalin, doa. Seize the moment to make lots of dua' because at that moment, you are at your purest.

For those who still wonder what labor and contraction are like, check out this video! :)

 Betty, 2016 VS Mary, 2018 (baju recycle je)

We shall rule and conquer Abe's live together. Hohoho.

At 2.5 month - Pipi berat sgt. Tadah lah sikit.


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