it's called TEST. you never arrive at a dead end.

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بِسْــــــــــــــــــــــمِ اﷲِارَّحْمَنِ ارَّحِيم

subhanallah. i've a lot to share.

last night we just finished our Celebrate Mercy event - The Love and the Beloved Muhammad SAW - His marriage life. It was an online conferencing thing with many prominent speakers involved.

ckp psl Umm Salamah, Zaynab bint Jahsh - Umm Al-Masakeen (The Mother of the Miskin), Aisyah RA aka Umayra and Owaysh, Ramlah bint Abu Sufiyan aka Umm Habibah etc..

My Italian friend decided to wear the hijab permanently last night.Today, I met her before my Geology class and before the Jummuah prayer (yay! my first Jummuah prayer ever! :] alhamdulillah). she came up to me and said taht something weird just happened.

Someone grabbed her headscarf. her hijab.

......she didn't know how to react to that. the flashback of the guy who tried to pull my hijab off when I was 13, first day of high school triggered.

"I didn't know to to react. I've talked to him a couple of times in class...but i didn't expect he'd do that"

May Allah raise her status in jannah a level higher.

the differences between her experience and mine,

1) hers happened in COLLEGE, mine in high school. immaturity and ignorance (possibly hatredism too) prevail~ (apparently not just in high school)

2) her reaction and mine (i was shocked the first time it happened. Recurringly, on the third day it happened, i kicked him in the balls <--immaturity from my side unfortunately. i felt as though someone was abusing me, honestly i didn't plan. it was a "prepared" reflex action (it that makes sense). i didn't know what else to do! we all get that we feeling when a mosquito lands on our cheek or neck. in comparison, her reaction, of course shocked. she's going to talk to him in the next class. very good)

3) she doing a great deal of da'wah. subhanallah. she's decided to wear the hijab in the middle of the school term, where there is a high chance that possibly her classmates have known her to be anything but muslims. they've seen her hair. they've bonded with her. May Allah give her strength, bless her much and make it easy for what seems impossible.

4) it doesn't matter of the differences between her experience and mine. no one's is worse, no one's is better. but i know for sure, our hearts bonded because of it. Allah is super amazing at teaching us the deen, giving us ajr, making us a better person and most importantly to remember, disguising the many hikmahs behind all that. it's called TEST. you never arrive at a dead end.

the affairs with the heart is that it is such an unstable, restless thing. it turns overnight. it is also an indicator of what is sinful and what is piety. it's our imanometer. when you find your heart to be at the place where you don't want it to be, make dua to the Turner of the heart. He who Guides gives guidance to those who seeks.
inshallah. Let's achieve STEADFASTNESS in this path.


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