Tanya kita, kapankah tibanya pertolongan Allah?

5:19:00 AM

بِسْــــــــــــــــــــــمِ اﷲِارَّحْمَنِ ارَّحِيم

what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

alhamdulillah alhamdulillah alhamdulillah...
i'm still living and kicking under His nikmah. always will as long as as this brain still thinking, heart still pumping under the shade of Islam.

in art class, while prof was demonstrating a sketch, suddenly a girl was jerking "uuuh bug! squish it. squish it".
i thought she was being cute. the prof heard it and stomped the bug with his right foot, and that was the end of the bug's life. i couldn't believe my eyes. i really didn't see that coming. seriously. then i started imagining. if i was a second earlier, i would've pushed everyone through, kept the bug safe and sound in my hand and chucked it outside of classroom without anyone "bugging" it.

my worldview transformed 360 degrees. it was that dramatic. and i'll tell you why .

first, i thought what just happened was so childish. second, who kills bugs anymore?  i remember in form 5, we had a lecture, and the students were all seated on the floor. suddenly there was a girl's scream from behind and i saw a wave of pupils storming out of the door. many more screams were heard even from the guy's side. what set off the hysteria? for all i knew, it was a cockroach. chuckled. of course, no one slapped it to death. they just let it flew away.

then, it hit me. they will never come to your understanding until you let them in. if i were non-muslim, sure, i would've have thought that animals are sacred. but i probably would never have drawn the line that i would never kill harm a bug, especially for no apparent reason. everyone in the class laughed by the fact that a bug just faced a death penalty for walking quietly and politely in front of the many giant beings.

that incident totally ruined my day.

Dear bug, thank you for walking by. Allah didn't send you down for nothing. You reminded me the picture of death. I knew people were laughing over a squished bug but aside that, they were also laughing over death. Where is the respect, where is the mercy?

of course, it was just a makhluk Allah called a bug...
i trembled thinking how was i going to answer in front of Allah soon?

so after class, i read the news. "What else is new?"
The what-else-is-new is, one life after another got stripped. Sure it seems never ending. Arab spring, one after another. What else did i expect?  The what-else-is-new is like losing my dad today, mom the next day, big bro the day after and lil bro the day after that for somebody on the other side of the world...
This is as serious as tumor.
This is as serious as nuclear mass destruction.
This is as serious as Al-Qiyamah.

TIMBER! another bombshell drops. many lives prosecuted. many souls are going to claim liability upon the still "living and kicking" souls.

Tanya kita, kapankah tibanya pertolongan Allah?
Balas mereka, bina Islam dlm dirimu dan tempatmu dahulu.
Ketika itu, saksikanlah betapa benar-benar dekatnya pertolongan Allah.



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