If fear is just a make-believe, then what is bravery?

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بِسْــــــــــــــــــــــمِ اﷲِارَّحْمَنِ ارَّحِيم

Alhamudulillah :) 2 days ago, my family and i had the chance to meet Lauren Booth, Tony Blair's sister in law, organized by MLFA.

disregarding the fact that I've heard her story of conversion to Islam 3/4 times from videos on youtube, her story still moved me as though I heard it the first time. iman rush all the way..subhanallah. her story reminded me what little good deeds can become and how they could affect someone's life. the Palestanians, despite being in the quagmire of hardship, are true legends...

Allah's done it again..subhanallah :) You're Amazing. 
Lauren Booth mentioned the picture of Faris Odeh aiming to throw a stone at the Zionist military tank is the like of the powerful image of the Napalm Girl from the Vietnam war (which I almost forgot about but Allah made me bump into it when I read some random news) had moved the world consequently put a stop to the war. As for that reason, the lifestyle journalist challenged herself to go beyond her field and cover the story in Palestine. 

subhanallah. this reminds me of the story of ghulam on how he held a stone in his hand, ready to throw it to the blood thirst animal that was about to take his life away. With full tawakkal in Allah, he threw the stone and it died on the spot, effortlessly. Imagine the tawakkal in Faris Odeh when he faced the beast in front of him. He held on to the dainty stone as though it could exterminate the tank in a blink of an eye, with Allah's will. Imagine the trust he had in Allah over his life at that very moment. It made me think, "If we were as brave as the ghulam and Faris Odeh, would we die the tomorrow? What level of bravery am I at that would cost my life in the name of Islam? Am I ready to die for Islam...or reversely, am I how much of my life have I lived for Islam?" May Allah put him at peace among the syuhada', amin. 

Below is the story of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui from MIT, another victim of the injustice law passed by America as a precaution and defensive act against terrorism. An unlucky person in the street could be detained for mere "suspicion". i mean, sure, suspicion is a step forward to taking down any kind of crime. but i'm talking about a whole lot of surveillance kidnapping this poor lady under illegitimate, ambiguous and made up reason. it's called "Religious Profiling" and apparently they've got Shah Rukh Khan too. just saying. Captured based on "special interest country" and last name. sometimes beards, niqab and hijab too. 

"The oppression has freed us. Inshallah, we are ready for the new ummah" - Lauren Booth 

There's this thing called Statute that basically a means that provides for a cause, materially, 
financially, aid and humanitarian services. The  Holy Land Foundation is a foundation set up to provide food, water, aid for Palestinian but is suspended, probably revoked by the US because it was believed to provide for Hamas. apparently ISNA (one of the biggest resources of education for Muslims in the US whose president is Dr.  Ingrid Mattson) is also under the watchful eye of the US policing and one of the many convicted organizations to be associated with unpleasant accusations, needless to mention what they are. 

The executive director of MLFA (Muslim Legal Fund of America) Khalil Meek painted us an example;
Let's say, if I were to hold an iftar for people at the mosque, not knowing some of most of them, the next day there came a news saying three of people who were at the mosque got arrested under the charge of terrorism plot, would that arbitrarily sentence me to have formed an ally with them?  
well, that what seems to be going on and it's prevailing in America.
I'm talking specifically in America and this doesn't convey that I'm implying all laws in America are problematic. In fact it has a lot of good laws too that other countries should take as a model. 

That is what MLFA is fighting against. It's not an attorney firm but rather, it's an organization that seeks and pays the best lawyers with the best price (not necessarily the cheapest) to fight for this specific cause. Jom support! they've won many cases...further details can be referred to the website heart and prayers go to the oppressed people all over the world. not just muslims. 

Lauren Booth ended her talk saying that she was lucky enough to be able to speak to the mother of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui not long ago. Quoting from her, the mother got to talk to Dr Aafia after years of lost in touch. the mother couldn't contain herself hearing her voice and so, she cried and cried, from the feeling of relief jumbled up with sadness, anger, incompetence and void. 
But Aafia said, "It's OK, mum..I'm happy." 
"How can you be happy when you are separated from your family, you don't know where your sons are or what they've done to them, you don't know if you'll ever be released and if we'll ever get to meet again?!" exclaimed the mum out of confusion and frustration.
"It's OK, mum..I'm happy" she repeated. "The prophet Muhammad sallallahualayhi wa salam pays me a visit in my dream every night. Last night he introduced me to his wife Aisyah Radiallahu anha and asked me to tell you that a place of much happiness awaits you."
subhanallah...that reduced the audience to tears. Takbir! Allahuakabar! Allahuakabar! Allahuakabar! The more prevailing falsehood and corruption are, the quicker they fall. If you get prosecuted because of falsehood, wouldn’t that make you wanna stand up for truth all the more? Don’t we know that at the end of the day, like the sun and the moon, the truth will also come back and reveal itself. In order to reach there, we gotta sacrifice. Freedom is not free. 

Say, "The truth has come, and falsehood can neither begin [anything] nor repeat [it]." Saba 34:49


Media is not an excuse anymore for the misconceptions on Islam and Muslims. They are so five minutes ago. We now have facebook, twitter, youtube and blogger :) 


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