Colors speak.

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  بِسْــــــــــــــــــــــمِ اﷲِارَّحْمَنِ ارَّحِيم

 Kite ckp psl qurratul ain kan last time...meh nak share sket ayat yg Allah made me bumped into tadi. Subhanallah. Sweet lah Allah ni. Jom baca sama2.

"Dan juga mereka (yang diredhai Allah itu ialah orang-orang) yang berdoa dengan berkata: "Wahai Tuhan kami, berilah kami beroleh dari isteri-isteri dan zuriat keturunan kami: perkara-perkara yang menyukakan hati melihatnya, dan jadikanlah kami imam ikutan bagi orang-orang yang (mahu) bertaqwa." Al-Furqan (25):74

I had class yesterday, which I confidently thought started at 10.30 a.m. Dah lah sampai setengah jam lewat. Dengan muka tebalnya ckp "What are you guys talking about..I'm on time." Prof comel saya dah risau ingatkan saya sesat. Hehe. Thank you for your concern prof. Yg lagi bestnya, all this while, I had been leaving for class the same time as along because our classes start at 10 a.m. Tapi pagi tu dengan tak sedar dirinya tanya along..."Chill la. Bukan kelas along start 10:30, ke?". Hmm. Makcik betullah saya ni. 

Subhanallah. Alhamdulillah. Allahuakbar. 

           Sem ni, Allah tolong saya kampuikan semula semangat super saiyah towards major, Vis. Com. Last sem, my coursemates asked wether I'll be taking anymore drawing classes. My reply to that was one that surprised them and myself, "I don't want to take anymore drawing classes after this..." I guess I got bored. What almost killed that passion? I don't know. Maybe it wasn't challenging enough. 

            Like a dead body being resurrected, this semester, I feel more alive as my passion and hopes for this course revived. Now that I got my hand into these design classes, I get back my enthusiasm. I'm learning new softwares. I feel challenged. Alhamdulillah. Semoga perasaan dan semangat ini berbunga mekar dan tak pernah layu selagi hayat dikandung badan. May this feeling prosper and prove to be lucrative in effort for Your sake, my dear Allah. Amin..

             The dilemma crept up to me slowly but surely. Being skeptical, I used to even question colors. What's the importance of art? colors? I was still searching for my own identity. Trying to be modest, mature and oh-so elegant, I told myself that I need to readjust my color choice. From that point on, any color that was introduced to me, of apparel, paints, notebooks started to fade in their vibrancy. I tried to be minimal with colors even with my blog layout and wallpaper.The green that I preferred now had to be either dark green or very light green. Just a tint was good enough. I convinced myself that black is beautiful and elegant. Getting to know a friend of mine whose life is lived meaningfully and to the fullest although in a world of black and white, really pushed me to the edge of the cliff. I asked myself "If so then, do colors really matter in poeple's lives?" Astaghfirullah hal 'adzim. To think that I used to give a speech on "Colors and Psychology", if I knew then what I know now, I would say, I was in a stage of chronic.

Ateeqa Nasha melalui proses lupa yang sgt lama. But...

...once upon a time, my family, Rahmah and I went to Kak Lis' house. She always has the prettiest flowers (orchids) on her kitchen top to complete the homey feeling in her house. It was her birthday and I saw beautiful roses next to the orchids. I supposed Abg Jay gave her them. My eyes were glued on the roses and so was my camera lens. The roses were so beautiful that I found myself whispering "Ya Allah, flowers make me happy." There was something about the roses that set them apart from the typical bouquets of roses I've seen before. They were colorful. Yes, full of bright colors. Subahnallah. Thinking that make me happy all over again. 

....and just last week,...

....on my first day of class, while doing the rosters, Prof. Harry Wirth said "My eyes were caught on you two girls because you guys are wearing bright orange shoes and shirt. I love colors." My heart just rave to that! I was like, "Yeahh, best bud!" dalam hati je lah. The class went on with everyone introducing his or her neighbor and then, Harry did a presentation about himself. He showed us his paintings from high school till the most recent one, in a chronological order. It was apparent that he went through quite a life changing journey after he did a surgery that almost cost his right leg. The transition had affected him so much that it showed through his artworks, including the house that he built with his wife. It used to be some plain old wooden color but after the surgery, he splashed it with some bright colors. He started to love and see colors in everything that surrounds him. Subhanallah. Knowing where he's coming from made me appreciate him and the class even more.

       Now that you see the sun start to shine again, despite its beaming rays that are blinding, the view still looks better. There's light (and colors!). My heart has been reassured. Yet again. I gotta love drawing, coloring and designing in order to pursue Vis. Com. What else do I have to offer other than the passion that I have for the work I do? Ya Allah, ya Alim, ya Baseer, You gave me insight as to what I could be doing next summer. Please make it possible. Please make it happen. Please make it easy for me. Please make it what's best for me. Please make it a stepping stone towards my career path. Please make it a work experience of a life time. Ya muqallibal qulub, thabit qalbi 'ala dinik. Amin..

Live life with passion.

Just a teaser ;)
“Shades of grey wherever I go
The more I find out the less that I know
Black and white is how it should be
But shades of grey are the colors I see.”

 - Billy Joel


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