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NIU SEEK Design Conference.

1:47:00 PM

بِسْــــــــــــــــــــــمِ اﷲِارَّحْمَنِ ارَّحِيم

SEEK Conference prep by Vis  Com committee and volunteers
senior yang hebat

gempak, ok.
9:15pm - I had to leave early before it gets too late.
Basikalku keseorangan. Chalo na. Time to go home.
my choice of blog color was inspired by my mismatched stockings

Who are these strangers? How dare they be all nice and sweet to me. 
Last night, a friend of mine got out of her class only to say to wait her up because she wanted to give me a ride back home. But I already left the building. I was roughly about 100 meter away from the building. Then I heard a scream from afar "Ateeqa!!!" I noticed that voice and I was was her. She told me to wait while she pack all her stuff up. Alhamdulillah :) I guess I wouldn't be accompanied by the freezing night, tonight. Nope, not tonight :)

She dropped me off right in front of my apartment lobby. She waited until I got my keys out and entered in. 

Subhanallah...what a friend. I felt as though I was pampered very lavishly. It's not what I'm used too. What is it dengan orang2 sini yang sangat takut untuk biar saya jalan kaki balik rumah sorang2 pada waktu malam? Ini ckp orang yang tak pernah kena saman. You know what the reality is like, ateeqa nasha. Yeah :( Ignorance is sometimes a bliss. Foolishly. I can only pray so much for Allah's protection. Like any other human being, sometimes a girl has to do what a girl has to do. Saya idamkan hari-hari bila mana kita tak perlu risau utk kaum hawa berjalan sorang-sorang ke kampus universitinya sendiri...bila mana anak-anak kecil boleh bebas bermain di taman permainan dan ke pasar malam tanpa risau. 

ini catatan travelog di San Francisco tahun lepas yang saya tak pernah publish.
I've never walked down a street feeling so terrified as this one before. I was avoiding my own kind. It's the worst feeling ever. Travelling leaves me ruminating about other people...but utmostly about myself. Seriously, I'm scared of my own kind?! They're just less fortunate than you. You should be helping them not avoiding them...
Khabbaab ibn al-Aratt (RA) said: "We complained to the Messenger of Allah (SAW) when he was reclining on his cloak in the shade of the Ka'bah. We said to him: "Why do you not ask Allah to help us (grant us victory)? Why do you not pray to Allah for us?" He said, "A man from the people before you would be placed in a hole dug for him, then they would bring a saw and cut his head in two, yet that would not make him renounce his faith. They would use an iron comb to drag the flesh and nerves from his bones, yet that would not make him renounce his faith. By Allah, this matter will be completed (i.e. Islam will be perfected and will prevail) until a rider travelling from Sana' to Hadramawt will fear nobody but Allah or the attack of a wolf on his sheep, but you are too impatient."[Bukhari]
If there's anything that makes me feel the weakest, it's when my physical body restricts me from doing certain things. I'm not even talking about when I reach 60. I'm talking biology. I don't say this out of shame or regret being a girl. Nauzubillah. What I'm trying to say is that, being a girl, it's not enough for me to just preserve my haya and chastity to be safe in this wild wild world.

I need a slap in the face every now and then. Just reality-checking.

The ideal world is still far fetched. Let's work towards it bit by bit.


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