Selamat Hari Kesyukuran!

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بِسْــــــــــــــــــــــمِ اﷲِارَّحْمَنِ ارَّحِيم

Selamat Hari Kesyukuran Setiap Hari :)

"Tonight, I just want to smile"- kelakar...dengan status fb ni, ramai kawan2 saya boleh sangka yg bukan2. scary...sebenarnya, saya just happy. how can i not be? there's a lot about life for me to be thankful for. If I could, I would say it all the time. Maybe that's the problem. I don't say it enough. So the one time that I said it, people quickly jumped into conclusion. It's amazing (and scary)! Haih..fb is as fb does.

I found one strategy to make people smile. Bring sweets and candies with you all the time. You can make people smile even when they say no thanks. Don't get me started on kids, right. So let's do that. This is my favorite candy of all time. It melts on the tongue. It's minty but not too pedas...

Soft Peppermint Candy

First time rasa candy ni kat hotel Hamilton. Masa tu baru sampai US. Since then, I tried searching for the candy but always kept getting the wrong one. I bought the hard peppermint candy instead of the soft. Hard tak bes sbb dia hard. after four years, baaaru jumpa balik kat Dekalb :) finally got the right one. I bought a bucket of them for $3.99. Tak payah tunggu Halloween pon utk bg candy :)

wouldn't you trade a cheap, yummy candy with a smile? wouldn't you wanna share the sweetness with others?

macam itulah dengan halawatul iman.

semalam I gathered around with four good friends of mine and two new ones. Terfikir psl thanksgiving, sambil makan we broke the ice by sharing, throughout this whole week, what made you really3 thankful? what was your happiest moment? sorang ckp psl pelepasan visa, sorang ckp psl first time dpt skype dgn mak ayah dan entire family, sorang ckp bersyukur sbb first time dibawa keluar berjalan2 oleh kakak yg best, etc2. time turn saya, semua dah ralit dah tukar topik. hehe. it's cool.

but if you asked me, saya bersyukur for ukhuwwah.


hari sabtu yang lalu saya dpt skype dengan kawan2 sekolah rendah. Dengan Honeh (nama samaran), kami berpisah sejak darjah 3...we used to pegi ngaji sama, sekolah sama, taman sama, kami selalu sgt jln sama2 sampai ada org igt kami kembar. lepas SPM, setelah 8/9 tahun baru kami jumpa semula. Lepas dapat lesen, Along kindly drove me to Sungai Petani to meet her. Awkward sgt mula2 tu :D

lepas dinnerdi rumah, kami makan froyo seberang jln 
(lagi sorang ni kita pggl dia Vogue okeh) Vogue ni, best dia lain...masa sekolah rendah, dia sgt glamer. Masa sekolah rendah dia sgt hensem bila dah besar dia sgt cantik. haaa. lol. dia buat macam2 sgt utk saya sammmpai hari ini :) dia rajin tulis surat kat saya masa sekolah rendah dulu, dia hantar kad raya bersama lima ringgit malaysia yang berlubang ketika saya diperantauan (and still does! first time tgk duit tu masa kat UK, rasa saangat teruja. igtkan duit plastik. rupa2nya mmg pon!...but with value ;P) dia tutor saya add math sblm spm, teman saya conteng dinding (mural painting) sekolah lama dia, dan empat hari yang saya balik Malaysia 2010 haritu, kami sempat keluar bersama.

hari sabtu yang lalu, Allah gabungkan jiwa2 ini menjadi satu walaupun through suara saja. subhanallah.    Amazing lah Allah ni. Impossible is nothing!

a couple of weeks back, ada dua org kakak drove all the way from Boston to pay me a visit. They stopped at Indiana and then planned to visit me at Chicago. Since I was at Dekalb, they still insisted on going to Dekalb regardless of the additional traveling time and distance. Dan sekali lagi saye tanya..."Ya Allah..siape lah aku" :')

Palestine Blues Side effects

This Thanksgiving break, I got to meet up with my makwe2 purdue. Since we don't get to go to the tamrin program that's held in the East Coast, we decided to have our own mini program. lol. MOVIE NIGHT! Kami buat makan2 Turkey sket sempena birthday Azimah dan Hanisah. Then baru buat tayangan umum khas dibawa oleh Netflix. It's a documentary called Palestine Blues. In a nutshell the film is about a small town called Jayyous which was later snatched by Zionist. It is close to the west bank and Qalqilya city. Dalam suburnya ladang buah2an kat situ, Zionist bagi notification bahawasanya mereka akn amek land tu. so PLEASE CLEAR OUT peacefully otherwise they'll do it forcefully. Kat situ la mereka tanam segala jenis crops...kat situ lah sumber rezeki mereka because the land was fertile. tapi dengan zalimnya Zionis cuts through the land, building a 2 meter high wall (less prominent and obvious than the west bank wall to in the hope that it doesn't make them look so dzholim) to indicate their territory.  

yang terkorban adalah kanak2 dan remaja. sebab mereka tak sempat lari ke sblm diserang? Tak. But because these young people were the ones at the front line and stood there steadfastly. Ada shot yang tunjuk dan org2 dewasa dan remaja American yang berada di frontline blocking the military tank. Subhanallah. To sum up, like every other israel-palestanian conflict video, they're all (without trying) heart-breaking to watch. Then kami reflek dan diskus apa yang patut. sampai 12:30am. Then they departed. 

Black Friday

Black Friday wasn't on the list-to-do for me this year. It was actually in the not-to-do list. I'm tired of consuming. It goes hand in hand with capitalism. Kalau kita rai consumerism, jgn marah la bila capitalists rai their achievement in becoming the unfamous 1% "nation". Enough said. 

Hari ini dalam sejarah... "Oghe menangeh sebab takdok duit nok mung menangis sbb dapat duit untuk shopping". lagi2 jalan sambil pegang buku Palestanian Intifada instead of handbag. Betapa tak semenggahnyee. What was that all about...tiba2 takut nak pegang duit because takut tak bleh handle. Macammana Dr Teo yang meninggal dunia sbb kanser ckp a lot of us cannot handle good health. *dush* ya Allah..alhamdulillah. thank you for the most unenjoyable black friday. You gave me a lot of time to ponder about the situation that matters - as much time as it takes for one to feel absolutely satisfied from shopping. What is money? For those who spend it carelessly, money is dunya. What is dunya in the context of Al-wahan? It's the thing that makes you forget Allah. 

Nasullah fa ansahum anfusahum - they forget Allah and Allah make them forget themselves. 

The good news is, the interpretation yang bertaqwa dalam ayat2 terakhir surah Al-Layl is Abu Bakr radiallahuanhu. When it came to the question of money, money wasn't dunya for him. It was his akhirah. Money was actually modal untuk dia dapatkan profit di kehidupan yg kekal kelak. Pandai Abu Bakr main saham...dah la modal Allah bagi. Profit, dia yang simpan plak tu. Subhanallah. Untung la...ape lagi...jom kite! May Allah make us all emulate the like of Abu Bakar As-Siddiq radiallahuanhu. Amin :)

menggedik dengan adik snow white

O'hare airport - hantar pegawai2 MARA balik
dengan kawan2 baru :)

mama's first turkey :) it was scrumptious! alhamdulillah.
bday girl tak dpt bday beat but she got bday suap
alternatives to popcorn - ritz, oreo, krave, kopi, teh, air kosong

kamera terbalik - saat2 genting journalist seludup camera senyap2 utk rakam aksi2 zionis


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