My little friendly neighborhood, Emi.

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بِسْــــــــــــــــــــــمِ اﷲِارَّحْمَنِ ارَّحِيم

So it's saturday morning and while doing work in the living room, I heard a familiar voice outside.
and I found that my lil friendly neighbor here was chatting and helping out our contractors.
I am honestly jealous. I want to help around building the house too.
Lama jugak dia hang out dgn bro2 ni...and it made my day :)
My first encounter with this lil guy was two days after arrival in Jitra.
I only knew his big bro and big sis when they were little. So this kid's existence is quite new to me.
I found him playing in our yards and tetiba dia hang out kat pintu dapur. He's everywhere.
I can't tell you his name because he's very secretive about it. lol...

It used to be noisy in our taman. There were a lot of kids my batch some ten years ago. Along was the head of kids but Farah and I were the only girls back then. We were known as the girlies yang otai sket because in the days, noons and eves, when the guys played soccer, we did too with them. There used to be a basketball pole in the junction in front of my house, we played bball with the guys too. Our hide and seek was none like other because the whole of neighborhood area was our hiding place, especially back then when nobody had gates around their houses. We used to play tibai lalat in the middle of the road, throw mercun over the tebing versus the budak2 kampung who wanted to challenge whose mercun was louder.

The generations after us had slowed down at playing and doing outdoor activities together. Now there are a lot of girls than before. Last time I hung out with Nuha, Nada and Hani, they were bicycling and they ajak untuk bersembang. But that's what adults do. Lol. Well, we did play balloons and kejar ayam belanda enam ekor yg sesat kat taman kami. Poor chickens. If I had melekat more at home, I hope I could teach them the old traditional games so that it doesn't get lost, swallowed in time. So that they could pass down the games to the next generation and the next. So that their childhood is spent doing energetic, adventurous activities (like going to sawah, pancing ikan and find out that pacat and lintah are all over them. The first part is fun to do. The latter is inevitable) and not staying at home just watching TV, playing PS4 and facing iPads. They are called the Alpha gen. 

My generation (the Y gen) and theirs are different because we, the parents now, have become paranoid and extra cautious of the increasing abduction and human trafficking cases. So letting kids go off anywhere farther than the front and backyard is considered dangerous even when the playground is right in front of the house. 

It's Saturday morning and this is lil guy of mine seems quite lonesome. He said he doesn't like school because he doesn't have any friends there, nor does he seem to have any at taman. It doesn't seem right though because he's the kind that would say Hi to everybody. But it's ok because he's also the kind that is brave, independent and confident. Siap peluk2 dengan bro constructors. May Allah bless him to be a wise traveller, an adventurer, a discoverer whom 

"(...) bersungguh-sungguh berusaha mencari kebenaran kerana Allah semata-mata, sama ada dengan cara berdua (dengan orang lain), atau seorang diri; kemudian hendaklah kamu berfikir sematang-matangnya (untuk mengetahui salah benarnya ajaranKu) (...)" Saba 34:46

Amin :)

Sempat singgah rumah dan angkat weights :)


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