Meat Delivery - We do not deny any of our Lord's blessings:)

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بِسْــــــــــــــــــــــمِ اﷲِارَّحْمَنِ ارَّحِيم

Rezeki Allah tu, sungguh ada dimana2.

Let's do the five thing on rezqi...

  1. Rezqi masa untuk siapkan assignment
  2. Rezqi critique yang memberansangkan
  3. Rezqi ilmu 
  4. Rezqi makanan (lunch + dinner) - samosa, cupcake, chips and salsa and kurma from Chai Chat meeting with the International Students 
  5. Rezqi kesihatan
Rezqi 1-3 are entailed together. Lately I've been missing my book reading because of assignments due withtin one week and I have to use softwares that I've never even used before. Extracting ideas is one thing but even when you have good ideas but you struggle executing it because of your lack of skills, that's another thing. It's like being a teenager stuck in an elderly body. Such spirit that you have but your body just wouldn't allow you to do what you want to do! 

So I was a little bit overwhelmed because not only it was time consuming, it's also bad for the he health of my eyes to be staring too long on the laptop screen, furthermore, I just wasn't able to make time for reading and I felt like brain dead! So anyway, it was time for me to rethink the purpose of my life. The purpose of why I'm torturing myself like this again. I realized..."Oh, being skillful is having KNOWLEDGE + EXPERIENCE. That's how you learn. It requires more than professors and textbooks." So there it is my answer. This is my rites of passage. To be able to master these softwares is like to own Harry Potter's wand. You can only do so much with it. It's amayzin. So I need to do this. No pain no gain. 

Let's get back on track. Saya teringat tafsir surah Ar-Rahman - bilamana manusia dikemukakan dgn question - maka nikmat Tuhanmu yang mana lagi kamu dustakan? Sahabat2 terdiam, terkedu...dan nabi ckp, jin2 jawab pertanyaan tu lebih baik daripada manusia - Tidak, tidak kami dustakan nikmat Engkau.

Al-Bazzar, Ibn Jarir, Ibn Al- Mundhir, Daraqutni (in Al Afrad), Ibn Marduyah and Ibn Al Khatib (in Al- Tarikh) have related, on the authority of Hadrat Abdullah bin Umar, that once the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) recited Surah Ar-Rahman himself, or heard it recited before him : then he said to the people: How is it that I am not hearing from you the kind of good answer that the jinn had given to their Lord?When the people asked what it was he replied: "As I recited the Divine Words, Fa bi- ayyi alaa'i Rabbi-kuma tukadhdhiban, the jinn in response would repeat the words La bi shai'in min ni'mati Rabbi- na nukadhdhib: "We do not deny any of our Lord's blessings.
A similar theme has been related by Tirmidhi, Hakim and Hafiz Abu Bakr al-Bazzar from Hadrat Jabir bin Abdullah. Their tradition contains these words: "When the people kept silent on hearing the Surah Ar-Rahman, the Holy Prophet said 'I recited this very Surah before the jinn in the night when they had gathered together to hear the Qur'an. They responded to it better than you have. As I recited the Divine Words, Fa bi ayyi alaa'i Rabbikuma tukadhdhiban ("O jinn and men, which blessings of your Lord will you deny?") they would respond to it, saying: O our Lord, do not deny any of your blessings Praise is for You alone'!"

Dlm cerita saya harini, saya nak ekspress bahawasanya, sungguh nikmatMu, aku akui. Aku tak dustakan! dan ampunilah aku bilamana aku terlupa dan lalai dari mengingatiMu lalu bersyukur.
Since last week, mamat and minah have been going on how the meat supply is running out. I had wanted to buy meat from our last zabihah halal meat shopping trip, which takes about 1 hour and a half, per trip...but we just didn't but any because the meats were expensive. Wow. We didn't buy meat for the first time. I can see this as a new lifestyle in the making and I was not too sure how I felt about it. Nervous maybe. I was a bit sad. Just a bit. I don't know why, but I have always preferred meat over chicken. So we bought a bunch of chicken cut into twenty pieces. That trip we just had reminded me that the best thing about being wealthy, especially when you are dependent on both your parents is not because you get to 'livin' it large' but simply because you have options. You get to pick and choose.

Berpijak di Bumi Yang Nyata

I can compromise. I won't die from not eating meat. I would've just liked to vary my source of protein...and plus, you get full quicker with a smaller amount of meat compared to chicken. As a student, I'm more calculative about how I shop my food. Get bananas instead of grapes...good source of fibre and they keep you full compared to grapes/pears/strawberries. With bananas, I could be vary my food intake by making pisang goring/coqkodok or eat it with cereals. Anyway...what I'm trying to say is that I can live without meat. We have many people out there dying out of starvation and are malnutrition. I have both parents and live a house, the world is mine.

Now this week is almost ending. We almost have no chicken and we don't plan to go to Chicago anytime soon to buy meat. Last night, the Malaysians decided to hold our friend's birthday party at my place which I gladly agreed to. The remaining chicken meat we have have been reserved for that. Alhamdulillah. Last night nobody cooked. In supporting a friend, I had dinner outside with friends for the Fright Fest that he organized.

This morning, mamat said five of his usrahmates are coming and will possibly sleepover. I thought, hmm...alamak what is there feed our guests. Ah, we'll be fine like we always do. Masa susah macam ni la baru teringat sunnah Nabi peace and blessing be upon him. He was half vegetarian. His diet consisted of mostly vegs and whole grains than it did meat. We have eggs...we'll make egg curry/masak lemak out of it. We have serunding. That's kinda like real meat. we have anchovies. Boleh buat nasi lemak dan sambal ikan bilis. We have beras...boleh buat bubur nasi as appetizer. Yeah, we'll be we always do. We'll figure out something.

Usually when we were about to fix dinner or have guests coming over, we'd sweat over the menu. Nak masak apa ya...we'd want to fix the best kind of food possible for them. We'd make sure we have our entire day free or at least four hours of grace time for cooking. Going from where we were, to where we are today, a whole lot of worrying time and energy had been taken out. Now we don't get stressed over's cool you know,  even when knowing you have close to nothing to serve them.  Anyway, it's ok. We'll be we always do. Allah will help us get through somehow.

I've been weirdly calm about not having any meat/chicken let alone fish supply in our freezer. Bare empty? Almost. We have a bunch of ice cubes and frozen shrimp. In the mid of thinking how I should be worried but I wasn't and how weird this feeling was, of the possibility having nothing to eat other than nasi, telur, ikan bilis dan serunding (which I must say are still luxurious) for a period of time until Allah knows when, miracles happened!

Meat Delivery from Allah

Subhanallah. An hour after our discussion later, our friend called up saying he was going to stop by and give us some meat. Apparently Qurban meat. Alhamdulillah. Wow. We settled for ayam and You gave us daging lembu! Yummmmmyyyyy! Maashallah :) Sweetlah Allah ni. Now, I just got back from the MSA meeting and ISNIU Al-Arqam Sunday school meeting. A sister out of nowhere just said she has ten pounds of Eid meat, she didn't know what to do with them and whether would I like to have some. Allahuakbar :)

You see, this is amazing for me because people don't offer us meat everyday. Meats are expensive. But Allah the Most Merciful and the Most Hearing says "Oh yes they do...with My will". Receiving two meat drives in a day out of the blue, for me that's crazy! Especially when we're in dire need of some. Allah is amazing liddat. He's indeed the Best Provider. Do you know what I see this as? This is the rezqi that our guests are bringing. Subhanallah. I can't wait to tell them. Moga rezqi ini dilimpahi baraqah dengan lumayannya! Amin. 

Pasal daging pon boleh buat cerita? Ateeqa Nasha did it again! 

Have a wonderul National Cat Day!


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