prof cengei adalah pujaan hatiku :)

12:00:00 PM

بِسْــــــــــــــــــــــمِ اﷲِارَّحْمَنِ ارَّحِيم

alhamdulillah.syukur kat Allah subhana huwata'ala for everything.
harini first day of summer school kat NIU. saye amek 2 subjek. first time amek summer class, nervous jugak mula2.
tak tahu ape nk expect. intensive kan..what i'd learn over the course of 4 months +, gets cramped in 8 weeks = 2 months. 

alhamdulillah...first day, for all the right reasons, prof2 had successfully appeared cengei (garang dlm slank kedah). itu ujian pertama utk students. kalau tanye saya, harus ke prof appear garang on the first day? well, not necessarily. they just wanna set a couple of things straight when going through the syllabus. from there, they become expressive. cegu math 101 tadi best. kalau ade death in family pon tak bleh jd excuse submitting homework late, missing quizzes etc. no late hwk what so ever. do not ever email him, only meet him during office hours. cool je.

sorang prof yg saye tak penah lupa adalah....hmmm. tp tak igt plak dah nama dia. hehe. maaf2. but she, pergh..saye  baru arrive dari malaysia. amek kelas speech terus. at first i thought (or more like hoped since i was left with no option other than to take the class) we were going to study the theory of speech. skali setiap murid kene bagi speech daa oncee every two weeks. but first day of class was a killer. the prof went through all her likes and ESPECIALLY dislikes - no drinking in class, no chewing gum, late by 5 minutes, don't come to class at all, going to the restroom is prohibited, once you leave the classroom, you leave for the day etc etc.

workload throughout the sem pon dia dah bg heads up. cara penyampaian dia sgt tegas dan garang sampaikan boleh buat student awal2 lagi rasa dia akan fail kelas tu. tu belum start bg speech lagi. mmg rasa sgt byk khejee. mula2 pon saya rasa mcm "oh tidaaak!". dropping the class wasn't an option for me because lol i didn't know such a thing existed. sgt newb, kan. first time masuk kolej kan...anyway, tapi dahsyat lagi bila next class tu, cegu tu appear saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaangat baik. dia siap cakap, org2 department dia tegur kenapa dia generous sgt sampai satu kelas asek2 dpt A. she reasoned out, paraphrasing, 

"you can't tell me that they didn't all deserve A's and i'm not telling you that it happened by coincidence.those who had the potential to flunk the class, already left. the ones that stayed, were the ones that had commitment. somehow i managed to filter them out." (by appearing garang, that's how)

 jadi, in conclusion, dengan bahagianya, jom kita terima prof seadanya :D especially on our first day of class. undermine first impression and check out to get your prof's rating and first hand reviews from students :)


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